Bedrooms, personal environments

Bedrooms, personal environments

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We all sigh for a dream bedroom, decorated according to the latest trends, Sophisticated while dazzling. Perfect, but it is important to give more importance to its primary function: rest, the necessary replenishment of forces and mental disconnection to continue functioning the next day. In parallel to a fantastic interior design, the correct choice of the colors of the walls must be always calm and clear, so that they provide calm.

The most vibrant tones, better to reserve them for details. In this line, soft and enveloping, we recommend a warm floor, decking if possible, or covered by carpets that guarantee a comfortable footprint. The bed is the fundamental piece and around which everything else revolves; This should be broad and appropriate to the tastes of each. It must be borne in mind that at both sides of it must be at least 40 cm for the bedside table. As for the orientation, it should be placed next to the window, to avoid direct light.

As a central complement, the headboard stars in this space with models of all types, color and material, although it is recommended that they measure less than 1.30 m in height, to maintain balance. Very important to have a good closet, that guarantees the order, an armchair or a bench to leave the clothes, and a lighting in several phases, with indirect and environmental option. The bedding, textiles and accessories will be the ones that define the final style of the room.

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Those fans of the mixture of intense colors in the details will find the best base in white as the dominant tone. Walls, floor and furniture in this range guarantee perfect harmony, even with the most vibrant tones of the palette.
Bed of (€ 349 approx.).

Bright bedroom

If the size of the room is somewhat reduced, it is essential to enhance the diffusion of natural light and ensure its direct entry. The walls and ceiling painted in broken white enlarge the space and increase the clarity. Here, in addition, we opted for a wrought iron bed finished in white, very light.
Textiles in blue and gray sale, from the collection Country Stripe, from Sanderson Home (from € 38.68 / m at 1.40 m wide).

Very personal bedrooms

Feeling at home is for many to surround themselves with their books, their photos or their favorite prints. With all these elements we create a very comfortable rest area, with some intellectual air and warm natural wood furniture. The textiles in the range of purples and grays are a great success as a complement when it comes to dressing the bed.
Headboard model You naturalized from Maisons du Monde, in solid mango wood (from € 349 in 1.40 m wide).

Custom made furniture

The great advantage of the bedside table is that being a small piece of furniture is easy and affordable to order as. If space is scarce, a cube cabinet with a dividing shelf and a white finish to integrate it better is fantastic.
You can find this bedside table in for € 125.

Vintage Aires in the dorm

This current inspired by the style of other times brings us such attractive designs as this flirty bedside table, in solid mango wood and a certain Nordic air. It is a very marked design that harmonizes perfectly with a classic style headboard and some more current details.
Model bedside table Trocadero, from Maisons du Monde (€ 169).

A console as a bedside table

If there is free space next to the bed, replacing the traditional bedside table with a somewhat larger piece of furniture, gives an exceptional result. A console, a large side table or a chest of drawers are perfect proposals that increase the storage areas of the bedroom while providing an extra area much appreciated.
All for sale at Zara Home.

Bedding with prints

Dare to combine several prints when dressing the bed; It looks great. The key is to always stay within the same color range and mix only two designs.
Collection Spring 13, Lexington: duvet cover (from € 179) and quadrants (from € 42).

Sheets or duvet cover?

The importance of bedding has a double aspect. On the one hand, the texture of the fabrics or the choice of sheets or duvet covers must be adapted exactly to the tastes of each one to achieve the necessary calm. On the other hand, bedding is often the decorative face of the room. There are already many who dispense with bedspreads or bedspreads in exchange for beautiful duvet covers along with tone plaids and large pillows.
Bed dressed in the collection Cassandra, of Designers Guild, for sale in Usera Usera.

Floral bet

Both the finishes of the furniture and the colors of the walls and even the floor material influence the choice of bedding. The most striking prints, for example, should be chosen in rooms with a predominance of white or light colors as a guarantee of balance. The motifs of the print must also be taken care of and opt for a fresh and relaxing one; Keep in mind that it is the place of daily rest where stridences should be avoided.
Collection Couture Rose, from Laura Ashley. Bed linen (from € 36). Towels (from € 7).

Work corner in the bedroom

The tranquility offered by the bedroom makes it a perfect location for a workspace. The ideal is to opt for a console table of little depth, to facilitate the passage, and keep the seat as a seat barefoot while it is not needed to work; This will be better integrated.
Table (€ 275 in Armchair, from Nordal (€ 179.80). Wicker basket, from House Doctor (€ 32).

The comfortable, essential

A chest of drawers of a size according to the space left in the bedroom is the solution to the lack of closet space. If we choose a coquettish model and complete it with a wall mirror and a pretty chair, we will have a dressing table corner to groom ourselves quietly.
Comfortable Papillon patinated and with a butterfly in front (€ 249 in Maisons du Monde).

Drawers in the bedroom

If you don't have enough storage space with the cabinets, get yourself drawers to store small items. Auxiliaries and color accessories personalize the decoration of the bedroom.
Comfortable Celestine, from Maisons du Monde, (€ 369).