A beach house in the North

A beach house in the North

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The owners of this cozy home had always spent the summer on the Galician coast. Therefore, when they discovered this fisherman's house, located very close to those of their relatives, they could not resist: they would make it their second residence, a home designed to enjoy their vacations. But before installing, it would be necessary to dedicate a small reform to fit the needs of its new owners.
When restoring it, they decided to respect the architecture of the building -They didn't want to waste the charm of the typical buildings in the area-, but they had to modify the original distribution. They wanted a comfortable house, on one floor, in which the space was well used and that favored the hustle and bustle of a house near the beach. The house, about 100 m2 and rectangular floor, now has a living room with dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of the aspects that were most careful when redesigning the new distribution was that natural light reached the last corner. Therefore, all rooms have large windows facing the outside.

Once the works were finished, it was time to decorate it; a task that they decided to commission Rebeca Terrón. It was she who He advised them to create a small hall with a half body partition and, thus, separate the entrance of the hall. Following the tastes and desires of the owners, Rebecca was based on the range of colors of the earth and nature - from green and brown until roasted and raw going by light orange touches- to decorate each room. A combination with which it was possible to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, by contrasting these tones with white and beige, the luminosity was enhanced. To prevent the olive bottom of the walls from turning off, they were chosen dark wood furniture. Only the dining room, being a smaller space, was furnished with white-painted pieces.
In this area the color of the walls was also qualified; The olive green was combined with a wallpaper plinth in a lighter hue. As for fabrics and upholstery, smooth fabrics predominate in raw tones - without doubt the best option to counteract the dark color of the woods. To give the decoration an informal and rustic touch, details were added to stripes in brown tones and discreet floral prints in greens and strawberries. The mud floor, leather accessories and vegetable fibers help reinforce that light and attractive rustic air that is breathed throughout the house.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath The house, of a single height, is surrounded by a large garden.

To protect the facade from moisture, the bottom was coated with a stone plinth. This same material was used to make the window frames. The sunbeds are from Main Outlet.

The plot is bounded by a stone wall.

Attached to it, and taking advantage of the shade of the trees, a series of benches were created that create a pleasant seating area.

View of the entrance to the house.

The furniture that decorates the hall - few, but well chosen - were attached to the wall so as not to obstruct the passage.

In the living area,

the sofas were placed in L around a coffee table. The longest wall - on which the three-seater sofa rested - was painted in olive green; instead, the front where the window is decorated in white. Sofas, table and sideboard, of Terrón. The cushions are from La Vieja Mina store.

View of the living area.

The olive green of the walls produces a feeling of freshness and vitality. To counteract its dull appearance, it was combined with wooden furniture, fiber details and toasted upholstery, which give the room a warm and more current air.

In the kitchen

a white tiled work furniture was made with laminated doors in white wood and countertop of the same material and finish. The wall was decorated with a green border to match the carpentry.

Like any town house,

The kitchen has a practical independent entrance.

In the main bedroom the same decorative line was followed as in the rest of the rooms:

Olive walls, wooden furniture, plain fabrics and others with discreet floral and striped patterns. Quilt, by Gancedo and cushion, by Romo; Everything in Lump. The patterned pillows and the blanket are from La Vieja Mina.

To dress one of the bedrooms,

plain fabrics in raw tones and patterned with small flowers in roses and greens were chosen. With these last ones it was possible to give a delicate country air to the room.

Room In the bathroom,

The washbasin was embedded in a piece of furniture with marble countertops. To lighten its appearance, the front was left open and only a glass shelf was placed for toiletries. The mirror was framed with green listelos, just like the furniture. Complements, by L'Occitane in Lump.

Three tones.

Light tones and pastel coordinate with noble materials, such as wood and mud. Look at these from Titan: 6330 soft pool; 6350 green and 6360 mauve.


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