Why you should put a coin in a cup of frozen water before a storm

Why you should put a coin in a cup of frozen water before a storm

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Hello Giggles

If the weather forecast threatens storms and you are going to get away, one of the things that may worry you most is that the light goes out in your absence. Especially for the food you have in the fridge and freezer.

If there is a power cut while you are away, everything you have in the fridge, from meat to milk, will be at risk. And, if the light comes back before you, you'll never know if the refrigerator has been in operation or not.

But as Sheila Pulanco Russell explains, in her blog, all you need is a coin and a cup of water. Put the water in the freezer until it is frozen, then take it out, put the coin on the ice and put the cup with the coin back into the freezer.

When you return - or you wake up in the morning - if you see that the coin is at the bottom of the cup, you will know that your food has not been well refrigerated and may not be your best condition to be consumed. If the coin is in the middle of the frozen water, the food may still be fine, but, as Sheila advises, "if you don't trust your food, just discard it."

Ideally, the coin is exactly where you left it: on top, on the ice. That means that the content of your freezer has remained frozen all the time. Ideal, right? Facebook also agrees. In a matter of days, Sheila's post was shared about 400,000 times.