The most complete drink: Bloody Mary

The most complete drink: Bloody Mary

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Although a French crib, this cocktail is recognized as one of the most emblematic drinks in the United States. What seems clear is that his name is inspired by Queen Maria Tudor, dubbed this way by the bloody war she had with the Anglicans. Prepare it to share with your friends in the mid-morning snack, it's perfect!


INGREDIENTS:- 45 ml of vodka
- 90 ml of tomato juice
- 15 ml of lemon juice
- 2 strokes of Worcestershire sauce
- 1 stroke of Tabasco
- Salt and freshly ground pepper
- Celery
- Ice

1. Prepare a shaker with lots of ice. Add the vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and lemon.
2. Shake the mixture and let stand a few minutes, so that the flavors of the ingredients are mixed.
3. Put the tomato juice and pepper Stir again and serve in a cold glass. Decorate with a branch of celery.

Master Trick: There are many varieties, but when preparing a Bloody mary Do not hesitate to use tomato juice and vodka of the highest possible quality, since this will depend a lot on its flavor. Ice is important, try not to melt. And if you want to give it more flavor, use celery salt.


These shrimp rolls are the perfect accompaniment and are easy and quick to make.

Lauri Patterson

Cut 3 leeks in julienne and sauté them in a pan with butter. When they are transparent, add the shrimp tails and pepper. Fill the brick paste, closing it well, and fry until golden brown.


Surprise your guests and share with them the drink in this fish bowl.

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