A renovated apartment tailored for a family

A renovated apartment tailored for a family

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This is the story of how a family with two children of ten years managed to make their own 110 square meter apartment located in a building from the 80's from a residential neighborhood in Hong Kong with the help of the JAAK interior design studio. "They moved from a larger house, so their main concern was the lack of storage space," explained the designers who, to solve it, they knocked down the old walls of the house and replaced them with cabinets as, apart from separating the rooms and hiding the access doors, being

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In China we discover the new flat of a couple and their two children.

Nordic airs

The owners are lovers of the Nordic style and we can see it in the decoration, with pieces by Hay and Normann Copenhagen.

To share is to live

In the same space the living room, dining room and kitchen coexist.

Color brush strokes

On a neutral basis, some colorful pieces stand out.

Arty family

Contemporary art also finds its place.


In the living room, the wood goes through one of the walls taking the form of shelves, cabinets and doors until you reach the kitchen.

Lighten up

The open storage was combined with the closed one so that m

In the variety ...

Different chairs have been combined in the dining room to give it dynamism.

New kitchen

The kitchen has been left open.

More wood

The same wood has been used in the kitchen cupboards and has been combined with white marble.


The doors have been hidden between custom cabinets.

Main bedroom

A wooden slat separator gives privacy to the bedroom.

Good support

Detail of the wooden headboard and the bedside table.

At his feet

The bathroom has been separated with custom cabinets.

Seen and unseen

One of the open closets.

Children's room Always together

The brothers wanted to share a bedroom, so the studio created raised beds to gain space.

Much space

Shelves have been placed under the bed.

Swell the elbows

Space has also been achieved to install two study tables.