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How can I get my daughter to read? The little ones reproduce the habits they see in their parents, in the adults who are a reference for them, mainly their parents. The best way to create reading habits is to read at home, making the act of reading a habit.
- Children have to see their parents read.- Read a bedtime story with them.- Give books that learn to value them as gifts.- Read stories with values ​​and teachings and always close to their routines.Books are transformed, many become 3D stories, include music, additional content ... In others the little one can finish the story, draw, color ...

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In You only need two minutes to create a personalized story for your little one. Can you imagine the face of your princess or prince when they are immersed in a thousand adventures? The books are sent anywhere in the world and are made of 100% recycled paper, and for each book the publisher donates € 1 to a foundation that promotes literature.

Other's face

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€ 4.74 Kindle version, € 10.45 hardcover.

Other's face,from Anaya, presents Parakeet: He is nine years old and everyone says that he is always in the clouds, clueless, in his own world ... One day, very strange things begin to happen: several people confuse him on the street with other children he does not even know. Tired of living uncomfortable situations, and without knowing who to ask for help, try to solve this mystery alone, but things get even worse. And when his classmates find out, he also has to endure his constant teasing. However, thanks to one of their teachers, Parakeet You will soon discover that being a "face of another" also has some advantages.

Scarlet, the corpse cook

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€ 2.84 Kindle version, € 12.35 softcover.

Scarlet, the corpse cook, de Anaya, is the 2015 National Prize for Children and Youth Literature.

What counts? This title warns, if your birthday coincides with the Day of the Dead, get ready for a deadly surprise. That is what happens to Roman Houses, He dreams of being a prestigious chef and asks for a cooking course for his tenth anniversary. Instead he receives a black coffin with instructions to activate Scarlet fever, a nineteenth century cook and her inseparable Lady Horreur, A creepy spider with a French accent.

The wonderful-mini-movie-coso

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€ 15.10 hardcover.

The wonderful-mini-movie-thing,Combel, tell how the little Eddie She has heard her older sister say she meets mini-hairy mom and decides that she should also find a gift for her mother. In your tour of the city, each merchant will give you a small object, but none of them is the wonderful gift you are looking for, will you find it?

The cicada and the ant and the hare and the turtle

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€ 9.45 hardcover.

With this series, by Timun Mas, children can customize their favorite stories with the technique of clipping or scrapbooking The Ant and the Grasshopper Y The hare and the Tortoise are titles of the collection Customize your fable.

The typewriter

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€ 15.01 hardcover.

The typewriter, from Coco Books, discover how often, behind what seems like a mistake, a great talent may be hidden. Pol He has found a machine that makes letters. Letters can create images. And images can tell stories. Did Pol find a machine to invent stories?

Fairy Oak Twins' secret

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€ 14.20 hardcover.

Fairy Oak Twins' secret, Destination, is the relaunch of the first trilogy of the saga that sold 650,000 copies in Spain. In a magical and ancient valley, hidden among the folds of an immortal time, sheltered by the plateaus, between the high cliffs and the forests, is Fairy Oak, a small enchanted town born around Roble, the great talking tree to which It owes its name.

For over a thousand years, at midnight, a magical event has occurred in Fairy Oak homes: tiny luminous fairies tell stories of children with good-eyed witches. Unusual, right? Everyone knows that witches don't like children at all. But we are in the Verdellano valley, in the town of Fairy Oak, and here things have always been a little different ...

Candela and the mystery of the ajar door

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€ 7.60 pocket book.

Candela and the mystery of the ajar door,Bamboo, has Candle as the protagonist When you return from school, you always pass in front of an old abandoned mansion. It has always passed by, fearful and accelerating the pace, but today a disturbing detail has caught its attention: the glass door of the balcony is ajar. There is someone in the house? Curiosity can be more than fear and Candela will follow her instinct and cross the threshold to finally discover what or whom those ramshackle walls enclose.
A story of intrigue full of enigmas.

The boy who swam with the piranhas

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€ 8.26 softcover.

The boy who swam with the piranhas,of Editorial Bambú, tells the story of the uncle Ernie that he lost his job after the closing of the Simpson Shipyards. But he comes up with an idea to keep earning bread: he will turn his house into a fish canning factory. And so it starts to weld, bend, fill and seal cans. TO Stan the nephew of Ernie He doesn't like that new life of stress and noise and decides to escape with a traveling fair company that has settled in the town. That trip will change your life, and also meet the great Pancho Pirelli: The man who swims with piranhas!

Create Creatures

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€ 14.25 soft cover.

To draw with the best illustrators in the world! Create Creatures,by Coco Books, is a fun book with illustrations of different artists from the world of children's illustration.

The legend of the sea

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€ 10.45 softcover.

The legend of the sea,Combel tells the story of Agus Pianola, That coexists with a panda of monsters. Together they have fun, reading and living the most crazy adventures. And also fighting the evil of Dr. Brot and the hollow head of his assistant Nap! In this adventure he travels to a desert island, but Agus suspects that he will not be alone ...

Zarf's life

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€ 5.65 hardcover.

Zarf's life,Destino, is the newspaper of a troll that does what it can to survive in a school, where ogres are the masters of the football team, Goldilocks She is the cook and the fights are resolved after class. He has two best friends: Kevin Pig Y Chester the jester. This is the life of a troll.

The boy of the stars

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€ 4.74 Kindle version, € 12.30 softcover.

The boy of the stars, Destiny, is a book for those who dare to be what they are, risking losing everything. Or to win without limits. The young writer Chris Pueyo publishes a fictional autobiography about the fight for the right to love and be loved freely and against discrimination.

Asterix from A to Z

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€ 14.20 soft cover.

Asterix from A to Z,Lunwerg, compiles the entire universe of one of the most loved characters in the world comic. It is an original illustrated alphabet.

Very nearly

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€ 13.30 hardcover.

Very nearly,of Istarduk editions, presents Teo, You are very sick in the hospital. Your grandchildren Claudia and Mario are going to visit him. Teo decides to tell them that he is going to not return and, through a game, says goodbye to them, so that the children share with the grandfather a moment full of happy images that will remain forever. The game is that the three imagine in which means of transport the grandfather is going to make the trip he is talking about in secret. Very nearly It is a story about farewell, courage, affection and tenderness.


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