Kris Jenner's huge closet will be the most spectacular thing you see today

Kris Jenner's huge closet will be the most spectacular thing you see today

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Stefanie KeenanGetty Images

The new video of Kris Jenner's closet has left us in shock. That momager Save your clothes, shoes and accessories. In the video, Kris makes her friend Dee Hilfiger a tour for his dressing room with several rooms, one of them dedicated entirely to his shoes.

Kris speaks of his huge dressing room as "one of my favorite places" and tries to explain why he has a closet the size of an apartment filled up with designer clothes when he says: "You must remember that it is 62 years of accumulation." And although he has no reason, Kris has certainly had a closet like that at any age.

The highlights of the tour includes a whole shelf of the characteristic blazers Kris Blacks:


The custom Goyard trunk that says "Momager" It was a gift from Khloe:


And here you go, the shoe room:


Watch the video (clues: the main route is in the first three minutes):


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