How to care for artificial plants

How to care for artificial plants

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Yes, a house full of plants is wonderful. Even more when its maintenance is minimal. Of course, minimum means that although you do not have to water them, transplant them or pay them, you do have to clean them from time to time to avoid them becoming a source of dust. Here are some tips to do it.

- Make sure before you know what the inside of the pot is made of. If it is made of poliexpan, it could deteriorate with continued contact with water, for example, if it is large pots that require cleaning with a hose. If so, pre-cover the pot with plastic or a bag to avoid it.

- To clean smaller species go to a homemade solution of warm water and soap in a spray. Spray and dry with absorbent paper.

- It affects the leaves well, it is where more dirt and dust accumulates.

- You can place a large bucket of water with soap inside a bathtub and place inside small artificial plants turned around, that is, with the pot up. You will avoid wetting the base and the dust will remain in the water. Then dry properly.

- Avoid letting them dry in the intense summer sun, it can cause them to lose their original color.

- A good trick to thoroughly clean an artificial plant is to put it in a bag in which you have previously put a couple of tablespoons of coarse salt. Close well and shake a few seconds.

- If your artificial plants have accumulated bad smell by cleaning them infrequently (for example, those that are located in the kitchen and usually remain with the smell of grease), clean with water and white vinegar through a vaporizer.


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