A feminine and sophisticated bathroom

A feminine and sophisticated bathroom

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The Sonia Reixach Interior Design studio signs this decorative project that is a declaration of intent. Beyond the purely functional aspect that current toilets usually display, here we opted to recreate a hedonistic environment, of large dimensions, in which the bath ritual occupies a place of honor thanks to the spectacular bathtub, equipped with retro taps ad hoc, and absolute protagonist. The white coating, by Porcelanosa, masterfully combined with a golden mosaic, luxurious, in the shower cubicle. A priori pieces outside the bathroom, such as crystal and wild silk lamp or the mirror with painted frame, define the unequivocally feminine gender of space. A pleasure!

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Each element that shapes this bathroom gives off style and brings romanticism. The space is chaired by an exempt bathtub like the ones before, with an oval shape and sinuous curves, perfect for enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Model Marlborough, with double backing, from the firm Victoria + Albert.

White coating and golden mosaic

The presence of the golden mosaic in the shower and the subtle gold-plated profile break with the predominance of white and bring depth and dynamism to the entire space. Ceramic coating Crystal white, gold mosaic and gold-plated profile with Swarovski crystals, from Butech; Everything from Porcelanosa. Golden faucet, from Gentry Home for Terra Cerámica. Hanbel crystal pendant lamp.

A chic lamp

The ceiling lamp becomes a focal point in this bathroom. It is a retro air model, like those that shone in the halls of the nineteenth century, in the form of a brass and glass sphere, and with the chain covered with a piece of wild silk. An element so well chosen that it transports us to another era and permeates the whole atmosphere with glamor

Retro faucet

In the image of the old standing faucets, a truly spectacular exempt bathtub model was chosen. Finished in gold and white porcelain, the faucet has a very successful retro design. It is from the Italian firm Gentry Home for Terra Cerámica.

Shower niche

The clean and light presence of the coverings complicated the integration of shelves or shelves in the shower. The ideal solution to have gels and soaps without interfering with the decoration was a small niche of work with the interior covered with golden mosaic, Porcelanosa.

Dual tap shower faucet

Model vintage air faucet Gaudiby Ramon Soler (€ 344).

Retro-inspired bathtub

Bathtub Cleoby Jacob Delafon. Price according to finish.

Crystal ball

Model lamp Finon, from Maisons du Monde (€ 179.90).