This house became the dream home of its young owners

This house became the dream home of its young owners

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Javier Bravo

With the illusion of conceive a cozy, bright home with a touch of color, Anabel Doña and her partner, acquired this house in Guadarrama. Thanks to the intervention of Helena Martín's architecture and interior design studio, what endowed the new spaces with personality and functionality, the house was reinvented with a point of unparalleled freshness. Do you come to see her with us?

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Before being acquired by this young couple, the house served as the second residence of a marriage. The reform meant modifying the distribution of housing, and change the entire interior.

In search of the ideal home Javier Bravo

The couple was looking for a house that was comfortable, very cozy, bright, and with some color. They wanted to achieve a "home" feeling.

The wooden sidewalks that appear in the image, were manufactured by a friend.

Custom Hall Javier Bravo

In its original state, the house had a load wall that was partially removed to make a larger hall, according to the house, and avoid meters of corridor that were useless.

Functional spaces Javier Bravo

Currently, the house consists of a living room, a kitchen with office, two bedrooms, a courtesy toilet, a master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, and a laundry.

Linen fabrics Javier Bravo

In the classroom, a large corner in light blue linen dresses with cushions in the same tones. In the middle, a coffee table in lacquered wood and white glass With storage.

Wide sights Javier Bravo

Some windows were replaced, like the one in the living room, which now enjoys a huge glass fixture that overlooks the garden.

Natural finishes Javier Bravo

The finishes were completely changedincluding floors and interior carpentry.

As for the decoration, as the owners wanted color but in a calm way, a neutral base was created in the finishes (Oak effect laminate flooring, white doors, broken white walls, raw linen curtains ...), to be able to put more vivid textiles, mainly in blues, greens and yellows.

Warm light Javier Bravo

It was sought that the light throughout the house be very warm, especially in the living room, where in addition to spotlights on the surface, there is a lot of indirect lighting, both with led strips on the shelf in the living room, as with sconces and support lamps.

Live wood Javier Bravo

In the dining room, they opted for a wooden set with blue glass lamps and upholstered chairs. In addition, they added some touches of black so that it would not be too feminine.

Modernized fireplace Javier Bravo

Too the chimney was modified, which was originally open, and shelves were made with closed storage in the lower area.

Two color Javier Bravo

In the office from the kitchen, a corner workbench with more sober green mattresses, contrast with the intense yellow of the table.

A kitchen with freshness Javier Bravo

The kitchen connects directly with the outside, filling the area with natural light. An advantage that, together with the warm tones of the decoration, makes the visual space expand.

New distribution Javier Bravo

If you have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, the distribution was transformed into three bedrooms, one of them with a large dressing room and bathroom en suite.

Color range Javier Bravo

The master bedroom follows the same color line; Yellow, green and blue.

Industrial airs Javier Bravo

The floors and walls of this bathroom with work shower, industrial air, they gain warmth thanks to the washbasin cabinet, simply decorated with a plant that brings freshness.

White with grace Javier Bravo

The zigzag tiles grace this bathroom decorated in a pure white.