A house decorated with Nordic warmth

A house decorated with Nordic warmth

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Upon acquiring this house, large and bright but somewhat outdated, its owner, Pilar del Real, was clear that he wanted a total transformation. To achieve this, he contacted the R Design studio. In addition to renovating facilities, the family wanted to take advantage to adapt their distribution to their lifestyle.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Delimit environments

To help define the living and dining areas, which share a room, two large carpets, from Ikea, were used. In this room, elements of simple and refined lines, and some recognizable pieces and very associated with the Nordic style, such as white Eames chairs were combined.

2 Corner sofa

With straight lines and warm appearance, it was chosen in gray to coordinate with the rest. To break the coldness of the tone, we opted for a mixture of cushions: those of the arrows, of Ferm Living, and mustards, of House Doctor.

3 Warm looking

In the dining room, a wooden table was combined with white designer chairs: four DSW and one with arms, DAW, presiding. The dishes are from R Design, and the bottle, from House Doctor. To increase the storage capacity of the room, an Ikea shelf was placed, which serves to separate environments.

4 Two in one

In principle, the third room was a study for adults. The arrival of two more children made them rethink their role and that, although the work space is maintained, it becomes a provisional playroom. All furniture is from Ikea. Translucent blinds favor the entry of natural light. These, custom made, are from Cheap Blinds.

5 Contrast tones

In the kitchen, we opted for the continuity of the white and gray tones that preside over the rest of the house. And to highlight the floor, a black porcelain tile, Atacama, from Grespania was chosen. Siemens appliances.

6 carpets

White is the predominant tone in the furniture, all of Ikea, and the color is provided by the carpets: the vinyl, Floor-Art, and stars, R Design. The fish bags are from Baby Bites.

7 wheels

With a large storage capacity and a bottle rack, the Zinc waitress, 35x80x85 cm, € 190.90, for sale in Maisons du Monde stores.

8 A shared room

In the nursery, a pull-out bed shares a place with the two cribs; a chest of drawers serves as a changing unit.

9 Desk

With compartments for storing books, notebooks, school supplies ... Its measures are 59x71x50 cm, € 89.99, for sale in Vertbaudet

10 bright colors

Despite the small size of the children's bathroom, its distribution is optimal and functional. Everything was bet on white, to give breadth, and the brightly colored notes were left for accessories and details.

11 Decorated wall

A vinyl of Chispum was placed on the front of the headboard. The bedside tables, by Leroy Merlin, hung on the wall so as not to take up space.

12 An ethnic note

The carpet mod. Block, from House Doctor, adds a more original and personal touch to the room. The Gustosa blanket is from R Diseño, and the geometric print cushion, from Bloomingville. This light color is chosen in the bedroom. We found it on the wall and textiles.

13 A multipurpose dressing table

In this corner of the bedroom, next to the window, a dressing area was installed. The full length mirror provides depth and the table can be an impromptu desk.

14 Suite bathroom

In this room, a warm combination was achieved thanks to the wood of the washbasin cabinet, from Duravit. All the taps are from GRB Premier.


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