Four kitchens with personality What is your style?

Four kitchens with personality What is your style?

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Before we begin, we ask you to take a look at your own kitchen. Yes, yes ... Go ahead, get up and look out. Now think frankly Do you have the kitchen you deserve?

Now we can move on. Below we show you 4 examples of kitchen decorated with different styles and with proposals of accessories and utensils that will help you imitate the style without getting into many reforms.


AL RICO LIMÓN! The blinds, by English Blinds, add a very young citrus tone. They not only protect from the sun, they are one of the differential elements. If the surface permits, a kitchen island is ideal as an extra work space

Furniture with two finishes. They provide an industrial style in which "eras" are mixed: contemporary cabinets in matt white and others with retro lines, such as the table and chairs with worn wood and green color respectively.

Lemon green and pistachio. The two-tone brushstrokes, acidic and intense the other, fill the space with vivacity and summery freshness.

Good lighting. The points embedded in the ceiling provide general light. The direct one is given by row lamps on the work surface.


IN COLOR CREAM. The furniture in "U" is not overwhelming thanks to the chosen tone and, in addition, it combines with the wood.The stamping pattern by English Blind adds color to a kitchen with a "quiet" palette.

"U" arrangement. The furniture placed in this way makes the working triangle between the sink area, the preparation and cooking area very comfortable.

Storage well profitable. The upper and lower cabinets offer a lot of space and adapt to the available space. Very practical, such as the upper corner or the vertical bottle rack.

Wood and red The cabinets in cream color and with a super-warm wooden worktop refer to country decorations. They are animated with sparks in red, like lamps or flower pots.


VENETIAN This type of wooden louver blinds are perfect to adjust the amount of light and sift it. In black and white, the look This kitchen, by Leroy Merlin, fits with any type of decoration.

Clean and simple lines. The furniture chosen does not go out of style, with molded doors and light color, to bring luminosity to the kitchen.

Contemporary flooring. It imitates a wooden pavement in which white, gray, aged pieces alternate ... Whether vinyl boards or ceramic tiles are chosen, these floors are beautiful and easy to clean and maintain.

Oven and countertop in contrast. The black frame of the first, the anthracite gray of the second and the handles achieve an effective contrast.


CONTINUOUS SOIL. It is the same in this kitchen and the adjoining room: a resource that integrates and expands both spaces.The beautiful green is one of the hallmarks of the kitchen Delinia Sienna Aquamarine, by Leroy Merlin.

TOOpen to the living room. The arrangement of furniture facilitates communication between environments. The cooking module marks the "border": it is very comfortable to chat with the family while cooking.

Overlapping cabinets. The superiors have been placed "in tower" on the inferior ones, instead of hanging. In addition, they are not all the same size, which makes the space very dynamic.

Glass display cabinets With interior light, they are interspersed with flying shelves. The transparent doors and shelves give a feeling of lightness and modernity.