Before and after: A practical bedroom with dressing room

Before and after: A practical bedroom with dressing room

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Ferrer & Mayor

Having a comfortable, modern bedroom with a large dressing room is the dream of many people. However, this “reconversion” project, devised by the interior design studio specialized in comprehensive reforms With Much Taste, shows that it is not necessary to live in a huge apartment to achieve it. The work, signed by Jessica Zueras, is a good example of how to take advantage of the space with very simple resources.

Two spaces in one. The original small bedroom was extended by joining it to another adjoining room of similar dimensions. The resulting surface was very square, this fact was used to design a dressing closet that would occupy the entire back wall and thus solve the entire family's storage problem.

Wardrobe with sliding doors. A custom wardrobe with sliding doors has been the perfect solution to incorporate in the same room a large piece of furniture, without it being too advantageous. White lacquered; This finish gives a feeling of lightness and updates the decoration. As for the sliding system of the doors, it is the most practical and effective when square meters are scarce

Septum as a head. This idea is great, because it helps to improve the distribution of the bedroom and makes profitable until the last centimeter. The huge headboard is actually an exempt wall covered with ceramic from Porcelanosa, which imitates wood. The result is aesthetically magnificent and as warm as if the material were real.


Ferrer & Mayor

The master bedroom, with a double bed and two bedside tables, was too tight. In addition, the decoration was very old fashioned and lacked ample space to store clothes, shoes, etc.


Ferrer & Mayor

Behind the headboard, is the dressing room. To be able to dress and take off your shoes comfortably, a stool and a pink carpet, from Maisons du Monde, have been placed. First, the bedside table, with Kenay Home candlestick in the same color.


Differentiated areas Although the available surface is not excessive, in the room different environments have been created with a proposal as easy to implement as the headboard-wall. This divides the rest area from the dressing room and leaves a free hallway between them to dress comfortably and with privacy.

Bedside tables and integrated lamps. The head also supports the bed lamps and bedside tables. The first are articulated flexo models, which can be oriented at will. The second ones have a small white lacquered drawer design, like the closet closet, and have been flown, to occupy less.

Color palette and bedding. Natural and soft tones prevail in the color gamut. The bedding plays with pink, so fashionable and with refreshing greens seasoned by more intense notes, such as mustards.

Very spring details. Vases with bouquets of flowers on each of the tables put a cheerful note and make a nod to this time of year and its transforming force.