A family home ready to fall in love in Israel

A family home ready to fall in love in Israel

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Hagar Doplet

When a young couple with three children acquired this 40-year-old house located in Even Yehuda, they were very clear that they would need to reform the structure to adapt the housing to their needs. After contacting the team of Perri Interior Design, the objective was clear: get a spacious and bright house, with direct access from the living room to the garden. Do you want to see the result?

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The original structure was elongated, and was divided into three wings.

Due to the inclination of the land, to reach the garden you had to go down some stairs; and the low ceiling made the house seem smaller than it was.

Living nature Hagar Doplet

The porch is now a cozy corner from which to enjoy nature.

Sweetness Details Hagar Doplet

The windows with dusty blue frames connect directly to the garden.

Rustic Chic Hagar Doplet

The decoration of the house masterfully combines the rustic style and chic.

Connected spaces Hagar Doplet Kingdom Mustard Hagar Doplet

The mustard-colored touches add a warmth to the decoration.

The power of wood Hagar Doplet

The ceiling of the room was replaced by a wooden one that would enhance space and height.

Wide sights Hagar Doplet

The kitchen has an American bar covered by a polished wood countertop.

Personal footprint Hagar Doplet Art and nature Hagar Doplet

The dining room enjoys privileged views of the small inner courtyard of the house, decorated with spectacular plants.

Wake up in paradise Hagar Doplet Essence vintage Hagar Doplet Atmosphere of nostalgia Hagar Doplet Coquettish corner Hagar Doplet Moments of intimacy Hagar Doplet

Another of the couple's wishes was that their bedroom be in a separate wing from the children's rooms.

Little big dreams Hagar Doplet Playground Hagar Doplet

Information: Courtesy of Bower Bird.


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