'Mens sana in corpore sano'… or how you should be eating

'Mens sana in corpore sano'… or how you should be eating

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Foods rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals improve memory and attention, and protect our brain from cognitive impairment. Discover what foods and nutrients you should include in your diet to take care of it.

Omega 3: Essential for brain development and work capacity. You will find it in olive oil, soy, nuts and green leafy vegetables among others. Fatty acids of marine origin, in blue fish, very important for brain and visual health.

Potassium and vitamin K: necessary for the functioning, vitality and longevity of the central nervous system. They contain broccoli, cabbage, turnip, cauliflower and watercress.

Magnesium: It improves learning ability and helps prevent strokes. Salmon, red fruits, cocoa, seeds and nuts are some of the foods rich in this mineral.

INFO Lutein, a nutrient with enormous brain benefits, is present in kiwifruit, vegetables and avocados.


Rich in vitamins A, B, E and K, folic acid, lutein and beta-carotene, green leafy vegetables improve mental performance and concentration, in addition to protecting brain cells against the degenerative effect. To take advantage of all its nutrients it is recommended to consume them steamed or even raw.

11 years younger ... You will seem, if you eat a serving of spinach, cabbage, chard or lettuce a day, at least on an intellectual level, because they delay the decline in memory and the reasoning ability.

A shield in front of Alzheimer's

The infinity of studies carried out on extra virgin olive oil have confirmed its benefits to prevent neurodegenerative diseases. It also protects memory and learning ability.

- Because of its high content In antioxidants, such as oleic acid and oleocantal acid, it is a natural antidote against chronic inflammation, the cause of many diseases.

- Brain It is composed mainly of fatty acids and needs a moderately high level to perform tasks and think clearly. Take three tablespoons a day, one of them fasting.

INFO Acids in bluefish, such as sardine, salmon or tuna, act against oxidative stress in nerve cells.


Nuts and nuts, especially, are great allies to increase memory and concentration. Take them raw or in recipes as delicious as these California Nut croquettes. To prepare them, add about one hundred grams of crumbled blue cheese, a pinch of nutmeg, freshly ground black pepper and a handful of chopped nuts to the bechamel. Reserve the dough in the fridge and, once cold, form the croquettes. Pass them by beaten egg and breadcrumbs; again for beaten egg and bread. Fry them in a pan with plenty of hot oil.


Fruits rich in flavonoids

Blueberries, currants, strawberries and cherries, with a high content of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, are very effective in maintaining mental acuity. Recent studies have shown that the cognitive deterioration of aging can be delayed for more than two years.

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