The fun house of a large family

The fun house of a large family

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The main success of the decoration of this house, located on the outskirts of Madrid, next to a natural park and a river, it was to combine aesthetic criteria with the needs of a large family that has four young children. Of course, the owners had undeniable advantages. The owner is an interior designer and she personally took care of applying all the resources of her professional experience. Another fundamental factor is the proliferation of paintings and excellent photographs that form compositions in strategic corners of the house. Its author, the painter and photographer Carlos Arriaga, is the husband of the interior designer and also the owner of the house.

The distribution of the house was planned based on family activities. On the ground floor the living room and kitchen with office were located. In both cases it is very wide spaces, which allow different environments to be created so that adults and children spend together as much time as possible during the day. In this same plant is also located professional studio where Carlos Arriaga paints and works. The first floor, smaller in size, was reserved for bedrooms and bathrooms. The marriage was very clear that, since family life was going to take place almost entirely on the ground floor, this should be first and foremost practical. A key aspect was provide areas for storing children's toys and study material without having to go upstairs to look for them. A shelf with baskets in the living room and spare cabinets in the kitchen offer ample storage space.

Another important factor for the owners was to create an atmosphere of balance and well-being. For this they opened windows that allow visually integrate the garden as an extension of the house. In addition, the house was painted in light tones that enhance the feeling of spaciousness. In this calm environment, an eclectic decoration emerges. Every piece of furniture, every corner, has a little story to tell: an armchair that takes time in the family, a dresser bought on that unforgettable trip for everyone, a fun carpet chosen by the little ones ... Parts of a gear that turns the house in the expression of illusions, projects and common experiences. A masterful lesson for life.

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wide and with windows to the garden, it was distributed in several environments. In addition to the seating area, a reading corner was organized in the background, with a comfortable armchair. The central space was dedicated to children, with a small table and a chair at their height. Sofa, attic. Chaise-longue and coffee table, from Casa & Jardín. Cushions, by Maison de Vacances. The pink plaid is from Usera Usera. Poufs: white leather, Zara Home and pistachio green, by Maison de Vacances.

Mix of styles.

The house reflects the tastes of its owners, who knew how to combine antique furniture, design pieces and souvenirs acquired on trips. a dresser Carlos IV serves as an exhibitor to a composition of paintings by Carlos Arriaga. In front, the mythical armchair Wassily, by Marcel Breuer; a collection piece of the house owner. Lamp, of Ideas Luz; vases, tall, of Canterano and wide, of Usera Usera. India, with clothes from C de C and Moi Zoo.

Seating area

The seats oriented toward the fireplace. An original combination formed by a circular frame with two initials hung on it. The setback that remained until the window was used with a bookcase. Next to it, a slender floor lamp facing the sofa allows reading next to the fire in the winter. Shelving, by Esmelux. Round frame, by Lou & Hernández. On the coffee table candles, from Ikea. Stool, by Usera Usera. IDEAS THAT

Play corner

Tristan contemplates the original Christmas tree made with cardboard. The area reserved for children became more comfortable with round rugs, excellent for dressing hard-to-delimit spaces. Ornaments, Carrefour, Los Peñotes and Canterano. Carpets, from Ikea. Boxes, Depapel. Curtains, by Gastón and Daniela. On the wall, an engraving of Verónica Vijande. Underneath was placed an old watchman acquired in Florence. Clothes of Tristán, of C of C and Kaluka.

Original composition

One of the walls of the living room was decorated with paintings, scores and mirrors of different shapes that reflect other corners of the living area. Part of them leaned on a console, which allows to renew the decoration without the need to pierce the wall. Collection of mirrors acquired in various markets and trips. Round frame, by Lou & Hernández. Coffee table by Ikea. León is sitting in an armchair designed by the Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld which is the owner's collection.


Eclecticism is reflected from the entrance of the house, with little India inviting us to pass- with a lantern of oriental air and rustic seats. Red boot, from Canterano; corona, of Los Peñotes; lantern, from Meridiana; stool, by Lou & Hernández.

Kitchen: multifunction space

The owners wanted to share with their children the time allocated, also, to culinary tasks. Therefore, in the wider area of ​​the kitchen they placed a large table with different uses. It serves as a family dining room, study area for children and playground. Chairs, from Vitra. Carpet by Maison de Vacances. Tree, of Los Peñotes. Ornaments, Carrefour, Canterano and Los Peñotes. Star in the window, by Ikea. Kitchenware, from TTY, Habitat, Ikea and Vinçon.

The kitchen

The cabinets and coverings were chosen white to enhance the sensation of neatness, with details in pink tones, such as carpets, lacquered garbage can and utensils. Furniture, of Castile Kitchens. Cube, from Brabantia. Carriage, by Oliphant. Monkey, from Los Peñotes. Zara watch.


The kitchen is the other room in the house that centralizes family life, hence a daily dining table will be included. The light floods the office thanks to the windows that make up the garden inside and the Velux roof model.

The warmth of the wood

One of the great decorative successes was to include pieces of wood that add a note of heat to each room. As the night watchman, acquired in Florence. On the table: lamp with wooden base and porcelain lampshade from the Famara collection, by Helena Rohner. Glass vase, from Usera Usera. Picture by Carlos Arriaga. Next to it, on the sofa, strawberry and orange cushion, from TTY.

Main bedroom

Shelving located at the foot of the bed, of Trades of Yesterday and small table, of Fish. Lamp, of Ideas Luz. Cushions, Texture and Maison de Vacances. On the headboard, garland, Depapel.

A full bedroom

At the foot of the bed a storage area was created, with cabinets and furniture. The drawers, of different sizes, allow you to classify and keep in order garments, jewelry and other accessories. The white armchair and the chair help to fit comfortably. Swivel armchair, from Batavia. Wardrobe, chifonier and dressers, from Ikea. The latter drawers were customized with Zara Home handles. Picture by Esteban Arriaga. Vases, by L. A. Estudio.


Paper, of Coordonné and curtain, of Habitat. Towel, Texture.


The distribution of the house was planned based on family activities. On the ground floor the living room and kitchen with office were located. In both cases it is very wide spaces, which allow different environments to be created so that adults and children spend together as much time as possible during the day. IDEAS THAT DECORATE>