The caipiriña ... With a Brazilian flavor

The caipiriña ... With a Brazilian flavor

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It has its origins in Sau Paulo, in 1918, as a medicinal beverage, composed of lime, garlic and honey, to which alcohol was added to accelerate its therapeutic effects. Later it became one of the most popular drinks in the country, due to the low price of its ingredients, until it became one of the undisputed classics of cocktails.

INGREDIENTS: 50 ml of cachaça; 1 lime; 2 tablespoons of sugar; Ice

Wash the lime, cut it in half and then in quarters. Put in a low wide mouth glass and add sugar. With a pestle, crush to release your juice and mix everything very well.

Let stand a couple of minutes. Add crushed ice although it can also be whole. The citrus pieces should be in the bottom of the glass.

Finally, add the cachaça and mix gently.

TRICK: Wash the lime very well, since a lot of flavor will depend on its crust. If you want to remove bitterness, remove the central area, white, which is the cause. It is advisable to put some straws to take it from the base, which is where the lime and sugar are, since if we do it directly from the glass, it will taste like cachaça.


Prepare some shrimp skewers for the occasion.

Peel the prawns, spread them on the wooden stick and reserve. Crush in a mortar garlic and parsley and add olive oil and lemon. Sprinkle the skewers and put them in a pan or grill. With a brush, spread the dressing over them. Have them for 1 to 2 min. on each side and ready to drink!



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