The perfect kitchen for a couple of 'foodies'!

The perfect kitchen for a couple of 'foodies'!

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Nuria Sarabia

The owners of this duplex, a young couple based in Washington, wanted reinvent the space between the living room and the open kitchen, since it opened directly to the entrance door.

The owners of the house wanted a Nordic style in very light tones. Nuria Sarabia The aged white brick wall highlights the shelves area. Nuria Sarabia The oak bar rests on the kitchen countertop made in Dekton by Cosentino. Nuria Sarabia

Both were looking for a Nordic style in very light tones, so the color palette focused on whites, blues and grays, with golden details that add a little dot glam.

Nuria Sarabia Nuria Sarabia

The couple decided on a white kitchen, with an oven and compact microwave to keep the environment minimalist environment. Even if The main focus, no doubt, was the creation of a peninsula in which to cook at ease.

On the other hand, a wall was occupied with cabinets from side to side and ceiling to floor without handles, which served as storage of appliances, so have a more decorative wall above the sink.

The wall where the television is located, was covered with the same white brick that we found in the kitchen. Nuria Sarabia To separate the dining room from the kitchen, a volume was created in Pladur with a shelf in the same natural wood as the kitchen. In this way the design is integrated, and at the same time it serves as support for plates, paintings and books. Nuria Sarabia

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