A gateway environment: The Honeydressing Room

A gateway environment: The Honeydressing Room

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In Gran Canaria, Miriam's homeland, is the home of this young couple; in it reign light woods, natural fabrics, handmade ceramics and multiple details with style. Behind this special project is the decorator Encarna Romero, who set out to "create a relaxed, fresh and young environment, in line with Miriam and Javier". He did it, but he has also managed to give the space a trendy image with ideal accessories, good design and auxiliary pieces of trend.

The first choice, as Romero recalls, was the Christian Lacroix mural “with lush palm trees drawn to pen that seem to be drawn by the same designer exclusively for this house”, and then “create a cozy living area with soft tones, furniture Nordic-inspired and wrapped in lush plants. ” A current aesthetic, and very attractive, that also shares the dining room, with the aim of maintaining visual continuity between both spaces.

Advertising - Keep reading below Living and dining area

The combination of current furniture, with multiple details that personalize the decoration, and the contrast of textures make the living room a very cozy and lived space.

The wood brings a lot of warmth to the two environments: living and dining area. To highlight, a resource that propagates natural light in both: choose the white for the dining room table and the living room carpet. Sideboard Organic (€ 995) and mirrors Manila (from € 76), from El Corte Inglés.

two zones
The presence of the terrace
It conditioned the distribution of the living room - with an L-shaped plant - which aimed to achieve fluid access to the terrace. Therefore, the living room and dining room are separated, to open a wide passage area, and also,
They are oriented towards her. The result:
a feeling of spaciousness is created and eye contact between the environments is maintained.

Palm trees mural

Another image of the room where a spectacular mural of palm trees, by Christian Lacroix. The serenity blue upholstery of the sofa moves a clear sky inside, which conveys feelings of calm and balance. Sofa Green, with chaise longue (€ 1,295) and, next to it, table Dhaka (€ 99) and floor lamp Pep (€ 79). Everything from El Corte Inglés.

View of the spacious lounge of Honeydressing Miriam Pérez and Javier de Miguel pose with their pet Decorated walls

Mirrors Manila (from € 76), from El Corte Inglés.

Miriam Pérez and Javier de Miguel Dinning room

The dining room decorated with refined design furniture. Its space is well defined with a carpet of generous dimensions that, with its texture and multiple nuances, enhances the naturalness of the environment. Table Etimoin oak
(€ 395) and lamp Patrick (159 €).

Resistant, and also stackable, the dining room chairs are made of polycarbonate. With their transparency and ethereal appearance they do not recharge the space and contribute to the natural light spreading. A design by the great Philippe Starck, who was inspired by the elegance of baroque chairs to create the L modelouis Ghost, edited by Kartell (€ 288 each in El Corte Inglés)

Miriam Pérez and Javier de Miguel

Fashionistas Miriam Pérez and Javier de Miguel pose in a corner of their new house, in Gran Canaria. The blogger has combined an Easy Wear sweater with a skirt, Young Formula. Her husband wears collection jersey Black, by Emidio Tucci, and pants of the same firm. The English Court carried out the decoration project of its living room.

Lush vegetation

Bright living area decorated with natural plants with maxi leaves, which give a jungle air to the decoration. The lush vegetation gives an extra dose of freshness to this relaxing oasis. Armchair Marlene, in ash wood (€ 499), transparent table Shiny (€ 245), mirrors Eve (€ 35 each) and, in front of the window, table lamp Sagres (€ 69) and table Love her (129 €).

Glass railing

The terrace of the house protected with a translucent cover. Painted in white and with clear pavement, which visually expands it, the glass railing extends its perspective and achieves the effect of opening the terrace to the landscape. Console Shiny (€ 265) and lamp Delhi (€ 99), from El Corte Inglés.

Miriam Pérez and Javier de Miguel pose on the couch Javier de Miguel poses on the couch with his pet A modern and bright living room