When children grow up ...

When children grow up ...

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Miriam Yeleq Advertising - Keep reading under Custom shelving MIRIAM YELEQ

A bridge structure with folding chest, headboards and chest of drawers for storing books, toys, clothes and decorative objects has been placed on the beds. It is the Colonial model, by Piccolo Mondo, and is made to measure.

Pearl gray textiles. Stripes and stars are the motifs chosen to decorate the curtains and wallpaper. All in a soft gray tone, which harmonizes with the white of the furniture and the blue of the accessories. On the floor, a washable carpet protects children from the coldness of marble. Carpet with greca in two shades of gray, from KP.

Organizing boxes MIRIAM YELEQ

The shelves on the shelf corresponding to Bryan host different Disney characters, which he loves. The initial letter is a good indication of who owns each zone. Wooden boxes, decorative letter and stuffed animals, by Piccolo Mondo.

From the cradle to the bed MIRIAM YELEQ

When the beds / cribs of these two brothers were small, they were replaced by two beds with railing; one nest and the other, with drawers. They were arranged in an L-shape to achieve a large playground in the center. Colonial Beds, by Piccolo Mondo. Car squares, from Villa Garnelo.

Plain and printed designs MIRIAM YELEQ

Various models of gray and blue cushions have been arranged on the beds, with different but very coordinated designs. Cushions: embroidered with the name of the children, by Piccolo Mondo; blue, gray and boxers, from Zara Home Kids.

More than brothers MIRIAM YELEQ

So many hours enjoying together makes their relationship special (although sometimes they get angry). Picture with message, from Bonton (€ 58.50).

How comfortable! MIRIAM YELEQ

Cookies upholstered with blue checkered cloth, matching the cushions, make the seats softer while they perform daily chores. That way everything will be better! Colonial model chairs and cookies, by Piccolo Mondo.

The study area was set in front of the beds. A desk for two was chosen, with a drawer unit, cork to puncture the school schedule or important notices and an elongated wall shelf. Colonial model desk and bookcase, by Piccolo Mondo. Stars, bright hippo and wooden box with white polka dots, from Zara Home.

Practical and with design MIRIAM YELEQ

Giraffe shaped table lamp, ideal for lighting and decorating the desk. Flexo in metal and wood Giraffe, from Mini Home in El Corte Inglés (€ 39).

Upholstered armchair MIRIAM YELEQ

In front of the window, an armchair upholstered in washable canvas in gray serves as a comfortable seat for reading moments. Rubik youth armchair, by Piccolo Mondo. On it, cushion of vichy plaid and blanket with pompoms, from Zara Home Kids, like the elephant-shaped basket.

With L-shaped beds and double desk MIRIAM YELEQ

Interior designer Cristina Domínguez ( has relied on Piccolo Mondo to decorate the room of these two brothers. He decided to provide him with the necessary comfort and safety, and preserve the fresh and childish air of his age.

REST AREA. The square floor made it possible to arrange the L-shaped beds. To make better use of the space, they leaned against the wall, to the right of the door. Above them, a shelf serves as storage.

GAME'S ZONE. The central space of the room was free for the two brothers to have a large area to play. Since most of the time they will be on the floor, a carpet was placed to protect them from the cold. Next to the window, an armchair was arranged.

CORNER OF STUDY. In front of the beds there was a double desk where both brothers perform their daily tasks. He is accompanied by two chairs, wall shelves and a central cork.


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