The Simpsons lounge in 6 different styles

The Simpsons lounge in 6 different styles

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This year, Springfield's most famous family will air the 30th season of their series, which has become the longest comedy in the history of American television. In each episode, we have seen them stampede into their living room to stand in front of the television. And, although they strive to make each entry of them different, something that has never changed is the decoration of your home, with that brown sofa, the pink walls and the sailboat picture. And 30 years is many years.

Therefore, we have decided to help them give a new look to your living room, choosing six of the styles that have been more fashionable in recent years. From the glamor of the Hollywood Regency to the naturalness of the Bohemian style, This would be the Simpson family room if a decorator passed by. Which one do you prefer?

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1. Industrial

As if from a loft New York was involved, we would start by leaving the brick in sight, placing a polished cement floor and changing your sofa to a brown leather one, combined with other pieces of wood, metal lamps and an abstract painting.


2. Bohemian

The key to getting this look It would be the combination of tribal prints with natural materials, second-hand furniture, comfortable pieces that allow reconfiguring the space at will and lots of art and plants. Lisa sure would approve this style.


3. Hollywood Regency

Inspired by the style of Dorothy Draper, this salon distills glamor. Touches of bold colors, such as turquoise or fuchsia, a wall with green and white stripes, a lot of gold and luxurious materials such as velvet. So yes.


4. Sailor

Taking as reference the picture of the sailboat that hangs behind your sofa, we have decided to take that style to the rest of the room. Blue and white tones, paneled wooden walls, stripes and sailor accessories and, replacing the sailboat, a large sea landscape.


5. Mid-century modern

In the purest style Mad men. Complementary mixed colors, iconic pieces such as the table Tulip of Saarinen or Nelson's mirror, graphic art and a paneled wooden wall.


6. Shabby chic

Romantic, bohemian and delicate. This is this style. To achieve this, you have to use a lot of white, brushstrokes of powdered rose, wood, delicate textiles and pieces vintage. Add a country touch, like the picture behind the couch, and success is assured.

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