A Bilbao apartment of 71 m²

A Bilbao apartment of 71 m²

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Decorators Álvaro and Gonzalo Irazabal - owners of the Zaila store - and the architect Begoña Ronchel They reformed this Bilbao apartment as a team in which communication between spaces stands out.

Advertising - Keep reading below The base? Monochrome

The unit that provides a single tone as a base allowed to introduce striking touches of color in the room. In addition, the choice of charcoal gray for all the furniture and upholstery was lightened with stainless steel details. The complements, strategically placed, put the groundbreaking note necessary for decorative harmony. In this sense, the fuchsia velvet armchair (€ 640 plus fabric, in Zaila) and the red cushions placed on the sofas stand out.

Unify wall and ceiling

The broken white paint that covers walls and ceilings was decisive when choosing furniture.

Living room furniture

The clarity that it provides, together with the natural light that enters through the viewpoints, made it possible to choose furniture in dark tones. Sofas (€ 3,000 each in Coventry); Coffee table made to measure in steel and black glass (€ 950); Arco lamp (€ 740) and KP carpet. Everything, for sale in Zaila.

Delimit with glitters

Neutral tones are great allies in the kitchen. They help to better integrate furniture and expand the space in sight. Here we chose a taupe color, combined with white Silestone countertop and steel appliances. Everything comes from Akelarre Kitchens. The work area was delimited with a bright red gresite lining, from Basurto.

Kitchen in one front

A continuous surface in an intense tone is a sufficient color contribution for the whole kitchen. The floor and furniture can have neutral finishes, and reinforce the effect with accessories or pieces of utensils. In this environment the protagonist is red, in its most intense range; The result is striking without excesses, partly thanks to the generous entry of natural light.

The reds range

It gives off heat, whets the appetite and stimulates the senses, with moderation, it is excellent for cooking.

Tone on tone

Textured papers and prints are carried on a base of the same color. The result is excellent when combining finishes, for example matte or gloss, or if played with the different intensity of tones within the range. Here a sophisticated black paper delimits the dining area, prints personality and brings depth to the space. The contrast with the light wood and steel table enriches the whole. Dining table (€ 850), chairs (€ 600) and mirror (€ 800). Everything from Zaila.

Black and white in the dining room

Sometimes, a simple game of color is enough to highlight an environment. According to the combination different effects will be achieved, that of black and white is par excellence and modern; The presence of a piece of wood will put a warm note.

Prints that dress in the bathroom

A striking but balanced coating can be an important decorative asset even if the bathroom is small. The trick is to flee from the stridencies of color and bet on natural tones. Wallpaper (€ 64 roll of 10 m) and mirror formed by light rods (€ 800). Everything in Zaila. Praline porcelain floor, in 60 x 60 cm (€ 102 / m2 in the Basurto store).

Match finishes

One of the best resources for the doors to go unnoticed is to give them the same finish as the wall. Here they were painted in broken white, just like skirting boards, frames and walls. In fact, the large slide that makes the bedroom independent was equipped with a very simple inlay handle and on it a very colorful sheet was fixed, so that while the integration with the living area is closed it is complete.

Relax colors in the bedroom

The absence of intense tones is necessary when creating a calm atmosphere. There is no better space to apply this maxim than the bedroom; Here, tranquility should always prevail and favor relaxation. White and wood are good allies to achieve this goal; In this space, they alternated effectively with a front of cabinets in chocolate and taupe colors that, despite its size, is not heavy. Bedside tables (€ 560), lamp with steel foot (€ 280), striped cushions (€ 80 each) and sliding door wardrobe; Everything, for sale in Zaila.

Enlarge the bathroom with stripes

The strips placed vertically manage to visually expand the height of a space; A great resource for this complicated bathroom. Striped wallpaper (€ 64 roll of 10 m in Zaila). Porcelain stoneware that imitates slate, in 40 x 40 cm tiles for the floor (€ 68) and 60 x 40 cm, for the wall (€ 70). Beech furniture model Fogo, from Duravit (€ 1,190), countertop washbasin, from the firm Arquitect (€ 235) and built-in Haxa faucet, from Gamma (€ 124). Everything in Basurto.


The decorators Álvaro and Gonzalo Irazabal - owners of the Zaila store - and the architect Begoña Ronchel reformed this Bilbao apartment as a team, in which communication between spaces stands out.