This month I want to talk to you ... July / 2018

This month I want to talk to you ... July / 2018

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This month I discovered that we are going so fast that we left half our lives along the way. Maybe we need to go back a little to move forward, see everything from another perspective to value the authentic and get rid of some of the luggage that, in the end, we find so heavy.

Don't worry, I'm not going to get intense, but our Relaxation Practice, with which we welcome the summer, becomes a real revulsive for me, the perfect occasion to look for the genuine in our surroundings.

And there is nothing more real than our own house, in which we take refuge, celebrate, rest or simply stand. Our advice: do not settle, do not pass by, squeeze every minute and taste these small, everyday, authentic gestures…

They are so close that sometimes we don't even see them.

Cristina Sánchez, Chief Editor @crisangar.
Photo portrait: Patricia Gallego.
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