An apartment with a lot of style and fashion

An apartment with a lot of style and fashion

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New and other parts vintage They decorate this apartment, located in Malaga, in which the design is mixed with fashion, since here lives a fashion designer ( It is an apartment block of the 70s. The apartment has been renovated, respecting the aesthetics but adapted to current needs. The living room was expanded and the bedroom also gained meters in the transformation by including the bathroom.

As for the furniture a mix Very attractive and personal with Italian, French pieces, Loius Pulsen lamps, Tom Dixon, cinema seats ...

Advertising - Keep reading underneath A large dining table

Andrés, our reader, shows us his house. In the living room a personal style. Specifically, the dining area sports a chic industrial style with air vintage for the furniture line.

A mix that works

A wooden table, a bench, chairs, designer lamps on the table and a brick wall in the background. The bright… très chic!

General view of the room

The dining room is located behind the sofa. Here you can see, attached to the wall, a work corner.

The living area

Living area, also with the brick wall in the background. In front, light furniture and the color notes of the lamps.

In detail

Detail of the composition of the audiovisuals, which includes a record player in the furniture.

View of the passage from the hall

View of the passage from the hall. The wall coverings help to delimit environments. Stand out the furniture pop in color.

The weight of vintage pieces

The weight of the pieces vintage (both furniture and accessories) is undeniable and confers personality and topicality to the whole. Andrés has managed to combine this particular and defined style with other more current furniture.

Full color! View from the living area The hall

As a solution, a little bottom furniture. On the wall, mirrors and clocks that provide a plus with its design.

The bedroom

In the bedroom the same papers that cover the walls of the day area. Here they combine on different fronts.

A flag header

As headboard, a striking flag.

And of bedside tables ... two different models

And different bedside tables on each side of the bed. Long live the asymmetry!

With integrated dressing room and bathroom

The bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom integrated and open to the room. Shower, bathtub, closets ... a dog! The toilets on a bicycle. Without a doubt, Andrés has made his home a very personal space.

All for fashion

A space dedicated to fashion with warehouse solutions of all kinds that exhibit the garments.

A mannequin in sight in the room Suitcases, trunks and other retro pieces A black background as a frame to highlight

Elegant and sophisticated, this is the black paper that covers the walls of this room and that enhances the presence of each of the pieces chosen here.

A very personal corner

As Andrés tells us, a fashion designer lives in this house ... and it shows! Design brands and references to the world of prêt-a-porter are present.

Other views of the corner Other views of the corner Dummy Detail


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