A perfect apartment with classic charm

A perfect apartment with classic charm

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What would it be like to live in an apartment of classical architecture but with a current interior design where functionality is not at odds with the design? That is what Kenay Home has raised. From this yearning to integrate classicism and actuality, this project was created, created in the Rocket Space of Valencia, for a family with a small child.

A tour of the hall, the living room, the special reading corner next to the gallery, the master bedroom and the children's room, which you can not miss. It has charm and uniqueness. Ahead!

Kenay Home

Advertising - Keep reading under Furniture in the dining room

The natural wood table in oak, model Nord, for sale at Kenay Home, combined with the chairs in gray model Rass A warm and natural set but very current.

In the background, the reading corner next to the gallery.

How much detail

Nolladan mosaic floors personality to all rooms. In the dining room, it was decided to cover part with a carpet in a light tone. In the background, the passage to the children's room, with jewel moldings. On the left, one of the large windows.

Vintage showcase for household goods

One piece vintage Complete the dining room and it is the perfect warehouse solution.

Showcase Nimes, Kenay Home, in charge of decorating all spaces with pieces from his shop.

In detail

The dining room window, in front. It is finished in white and green mint, which matches the green arrangements. So fresh!

Feliz Feliz

A positive message about the showcase. All accessories and accessories are from Kenay Home.

The living area

The living room receives all the brightness of the viewpoint window. The double door with frames communicates with the master bedroom. Being a passage zone, it was important that the room favored circulation.

A special floor

Here the mosaic tile floor looks like a carpet. His motives stand out. The furniture has been chosen in neutral tones so as not to reduce the prominence to the floor but to provide the environment with the mandatory comfort demanded by the living room.

The living room furniture

A sofa, a coffee table, a bench for autiovisuals and accessories. This is how Kenay Home has organized the lounge.

Sofa bed Doots blank and coffee table Ascot

The bench

The bench is the model Liv in gray with warehouse space. On the furniture, a table lamp, vases and an abstract painting in the predominant tones.

In the background, the bedroom

Behind the doors, decorative elements in themselves, the master bedroom.

In the living room, a pink pouf puts the color note.

The looker

The viewpoint window is the jewel of the living room. Kenay Home wanted to give it importance and created a corner of reading or being right in front.

Nordic style

The views of the widening of Valencia are worth contemplating from the natural wooden armchair Accis and the little tables Nord.

Natural and with color

Natural wood and pastel tones are perfect for this style.

On the table…

A tray with two vases, identical but of different height.

The hall

In the hall the mosaic floor decorates. From here you can access the living room, from where the bedrooms are distributed.

Entrance decoration

A bench and an abstract picture, model Soft, in Kaney Home, on the wall.

The main room

Behind the doors, a quiet bedroom.

Calm Tones

Gray, white and natural wood. They are the colors of the bedroom, the same that predominate throughout the interior design. These shades have been chosen, which combine with the tones of the soil.

The table

High table with drawers. Model Liv in matt gray with leather handles.

Blank and wood headboard

Headboard Laub It combines white iron and wood. At the foot, Soon bench with natural wood structure and gray upholstered seat.

View of the bedroom from the living room

View of the bedroom from the living room.

More warehouse

The dresser with a mirror on top in the bedroom.

Console with mirror

On another of the dining room walls, next to the door through which the children's room is accessed, a light console, which decorates without saturating the space.

Console Ascot and mirror Luci in gray.

Matching the bedside tables

The dresser to match the bedside tables: Liv dresser, by Kenay Home, also in matt gray with leather handles.

The children's bedroom

For the smallest of the house. The room maintains the same neutral line as the rest of the rooms although with concrete and discrete brushstrokes in green mint

View from the children's bedroom ...

... towards the lounge. In the children's bedroom, which is also accessed from the living room, it has green notes mint

Relaxing corner by the window

Next to the window, a pleasant corner with the armchair Naf

The furniture in the room

Small table Nord in mint and natural wood and headboard Nyssel in white. Toy cart Buggy.

On the whole

A corner of the bedroom. Coat rack Cloud

Open closet

On the other side of the bed, a staircase with a garland, a painting and a seesaw Vespa for the little one At one end, attached to the wall, an open closet for clothes.

It is an ideal playground!