Original paintings What do you want to frame?

Original paintings What do you want to frame?

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Surely there are many things you want to frame: your baby's first pacifier, your wedding invitation or beautiful earrings ... Some everyday and simple objects are likely to participate in a beautiful decorative composition with sentimental value.

Would you like to decorate a wall with several grouped paintings? It is important to be very clear about the composition; First of all, plant it on the floor, just in front of the chosen wall, so you will get an idea.

Aligning several frames and matching the separations between them is a complicated task. A good trick is to cut pieces of paper the size of pictures and paste them with painter's tape to the wall; We will know exactly how it will look.

Exhibiting paintings successfully is an art that begins with the ideal choice of the work in tune with the space; a large piece should not be hung on a small surface, as its value would diminish. Like a very small one, it should not be placed alone on a large wall or lose prominence.

This question is a classic when it comes to hanging pictures. A very valuable advice: they should always be located at eye level; that is, standing in front of the wall you should see them at your level. they are placed on a piece of furniture, the thing changes, they must be separated between 15 and 20 cm, at most, to unify the whole.

LONG LIVE THE MIX! The disparate compositions allow grouping on the same wall frames of materials and varied colors and even combine pictures with mirrors, sheets or, the first drawings of your children.

Advertising - Keep reading below Wildflower box

A good assortment of wild flowers are the decorative base of this beautiful frame. In its elaboration a piece of floral foam was used where the flowers are punctured and two boxes for the base, one inside the other. A beautiful painting that could sometimes serve as a centerpiece.

Frame with sticks

As for the frame, a few simple sticks collected in your walks in the countryside come in wonder
to form this original model Nest, from Mona de Rama. Egg painted with hanging tape, from Los Peñotes.

Hanging bag

Dare to hang the most original pieces well integrated, like this one model in the form of a small bag from Rice (€ 19.90).

Old tray and blackboard with clamp

How about adding a panel of notes to the kitchen? This old tray, in addition to fitting wonderfully in space, has a blackboard with clamp, for day-to-day errands. It is sold in Los Peñotes (€ 3.25).

Esparto Elephant

A sweetened version of the classic hunting trophies. You are not fascinated by this elephant of esparto? Simply fix it to the wall and accompany it with a white molding. Ready our new picture! From Mona de Rama (€ 45).

Wooden boxes as decorative paintings

If you keep some loose pieces of your grandmother's cutlery as treasures, bring them out and show off. Fix them in some wooden boxes and turn them into decorative paintings. Boxes, from Howards Storage World.

Frame your fabrics

A wall decorated with original paintings, how about selecting the prettiest remnants and wearing them on the living room wall? Here we tell you how to make this composition: A checkered wall

As headboard

Small boxes should be placed grouped so that they are not lost on the wall and are ridiculous. A very current option is to dispense with the headboard and replace it with a large format work or, as in this case, with a series of squares that occupy the entire width of the bed. So that it does not give a sense of chaos, it is best that everyone has the same frame and similar color and theme.


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