Before and after: the reform of a tiny kitchen

Before and after: the reform of a tiny kitchen

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SoFi (Youtube)

A few months ago the recipes cooked in a Tiny kitchen (miniature cuisine in English) ravaged YouTube. There were millions of people who enjoyed watching Mexican tacos, sushi and all kinds of desserts prepared with utensils and dwarf stoves and then served in a dining room more typical of a dollhouse. If you were also caught in this type of videos (we must confess that we have been absorbed by watching some of them) we are pleased to announce that it seems that a new trend is emerging that you will love: Tiny Kitchens reforms.

In this SoFi video you can see one of them (and a little below, the making of). Although it is done on a reduced scale, the process counts all the steps of a reform: the move, the removal of the appliances, the cleaning, the disassembly of the furniture, the preparation for painting and the subsequent painting of the walls , the installation of the new cabinets ... A radical before and after on a very, very small scale.