From old house to modern house

From old house to modern house

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Updating the home was the objective of this reform. Its owner wanted a functional and practical house, which he could rent easily, and with this premise he trusted the decorator Leticia Rodriguez de la Fuente, to whom he put a single condition: do not throw any partition, For the rest, he had a carte blanche to do the I want to. A challenge! Undoubtedly, these working conditions would favor a great capacity for innovation and daring. With this requirement, he got down to work and began by raising
A new space organization.

Although he respected the original distribution, he managed to create a second bathroom and, at least, the two rooms of the house would gain luminosity, since neither had windows. For this, an architectural license was allowed: to design the master bedroom as a suite, which communicates through a Sliding door with the bathroom and a dressing area. It is precisely from these two adjoining rooms where it receives light. In the second, he replaced one of the partitions with a glass panel that has become a source of clarity.

The ceiling of the hall was decorated with some wooden beams that not only hide the narrow and elongated shape of the plant, but also hide some strips
of LEDs that illuminate this environment. The next step was to define a neutral background That fit the decoration.

The original floor, made of vinyl tiles, was replaced by pine wood slats throughout the house, except in the kitchen and bathrooms, where they were installed hydraulic tiles They provide a decorative plus. Walls, ceilings and carpentry were painted white to multiply the luminosity. Another of the strengths of the reform was the kitchen, which was completely renovated.
Thanks to the combination of finishes in white, black and wood In this case, a dynamic and visually rich space was achieved, where the mix of styles stands out.
This same chromatic bet is repeated in the two bathrooms of the house: modern environments with black and white coverings, and details in wood or vegetable fibers to provide that touch of warmth that makes them different.

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Plants spread across different points of the
lounge, not only help to finish the decoration, but also provide life and freshness to the environment. The colorful leaves and flowers provide an attractive chromatic counterpoint. On the table, vase and wooden center, for sale in Los Peñotes.

Reading corner

The living room is very bright. Therefore, the natural light entrance was used to locate a reading corner that also completes the seating area of ​​the living room. Armchair by Ikea. Floor lamp, metal, Monpas. On the shelf, decorative insect, of Los Peñotes.

Work shelves

One of the strengths of the decoration of the room is this front, designed by Leticia Rodriguez de la Fuente. It consists of two twin shelves that flank a classic-style chimney mouth. Above it, a large window-shaped wall mirror was placed. Mirror, by Maisons du Monde. Vase, from Kenay Home. Decorative cage, by Gancedo.

Contrast of styles

In the decoration of the living room we opted for a subtle contrast of styles: classic elements, such as the fireplace, the mirror or the wooden floor
Pine, combined with furniture, upholstery, colors and contemporary design prints.

Sofa attached to the wall

By placing the sofa attached to the wall in front of the glazed doors, it was possible to get the most out of the space, take advantage of the entry of natural light and ensure optimal circulation
inside the room

Ikea sofa, coffee table and striped rug. The blanket and cushions are from Gancedo.

Solid wood table

In the decoration of the dining area, we opted for the same style and color range - refined lines with gray tones - that were used in the living room. With this solution, it was possible that both environments formed
a balanced and harmonious set. Solid wood table in rosewood, by Maisons du Monde. Carpet, bowls and vase, from Los Peñotes.

Hydraulic mosaic

The mix of styles continues in the kitchen, where plain white furniture, of current line, was combined with rustic and vintage touches, such as Metro-type glazed tiles, dining area furniture and black-finished appliances. For the floor a hydraulic mosaic was chosen, with an impressive optical effect, made to measure. Kitchen furniture, from Ikea.
The cloths are from Los Peñotes.

Mini office

No matter how small your kitchen is, a table with wings will help you set up an area for daily meals. Accompany it with stackable stools, which you can store anywhere.


In this bathroom, the sink was separated from the shower by a half-height wall, topped with a fixed glass that lightens the environment and lets in the light. The different materials used to cover floor and walls mark the passage from one area to another.

Sliding door

The sliding door, with rail in sight, has an important decorative value and brings personality to the environment. Bedding, from Zara Home. Plaid and carpet, for sale in Gancedo.

White and gray tones

In the master bedroom, it started from a neutral base, with walls and bedding in white and gray tones, to which later brush strokes of color were added with textile accessories, such as blankets, carpet and quadrants.

With a single front

After the reform, the house has a second bathroom. Due to its rectangular plan, it was decided to align the toilets on a single front and place the shower area at the bottom. Coated with hydraulic tiles, natural wood and a clean and clean design washbasin give the environment an avant-garde air.

Blown shelf and candlesticks

When the hall is not very large, you have to manage to decorate it without reloading. One solution is to opt for a shelf or console flown, which optimizes the space and contributes style to the entrance. Candlesticks, from Los Peñotes.

Textiles in the bedroom

Textiles are the key to giving relevance to the bedroom: dress the windows with beautiful falls and place a pair of cushions on the bed to match the curtains. The quilt, striking, will do the rest ...

natural flowers

Natural flowers will give your bathroom a special aroma, as well as a touch of delicacy and freshness. It is not necessary that all vases be equal - mix pieces of color with others of transparent glass -, but better if you choose the same variety of flower.

Vase Mix

Decorate the mantelpiece with a mix of vases in the same tone and place them at the ends, grouped by height. Complete the composition with colorful green branches and a window-shaped mirror on the wall: you will get a magical effect.

Nordic-inspired armchair

Complete the decoration of your bedroom with some special piece. How about a Nordic-inspired armchair as a shoe remover? Place it where it does not obstruct the passage. Plaid by Gancedo.