From student floor to a couple's first home

From student floor to a couple's first home

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Their 90 square meters divided into multiple rooms made this apartment in Valencia, located near the university area, the perfect home for students to share. But when a couple bought it, It became claustrophobic and labyrinthine: an unattractive place to start a new life together. A reform that adapted it to their needs and tastes was necessary and those responsible for carrying it out were the members of the Cambra study.

"The objectives of the reform were to achieve greater use of the spaces, reduce routes, remove a small room to gain space in the living room and expand the kitchen, "they explain. To achieve this, they changed everything:" It is a comprehensive reform: partitions have been thrown, changed tiling and flooring, painted and made new installations of electricity, plumbing and air conditioning by generalized driving. "

In each corner we can discover an original idea, from the entrance (where they have placed a new built-in wardrobe and a greenhouse that serves as a separation from the kitchen while allowing the light to pass through), to the master bedroom (in which they have used access to create a dressing area), not forgetting the toilet and bathroom (connected by the shower area that both spaces share). An open, functional and very flexible house.


Advertising - Keep reading below Winning combination

With a very bright space thanks to the mix of colors: "blue, dark gray, light wood, black and yellow," they explain from the studio.

The great blue

One of the requirements of the couple was to use blue in some environment of the house, to let the sea (which can be seen from the windows to be a 16th floor) enter their home.

Gain ground

Interior designers dispensed with a small room to expand the living room.

To the table

For the dining area we chose a natural oak table with black steel legs, lamps with different shapes to organize a set and upholstered chairs with light blue tones in conjunction with the wall, "the interior designers expose.


Throughout the house, including the corridor, the floors have been covered with an imitation oak laminate and the doors have been lacquered in white.

Greenhouse effect

A planter with plants serves as a separator between the entrance and the kitchen while allowing the passage of light.

New life

For years, this 90m2 apartment was a shared student housing. After a reform of Cambra study, it has become the perfect nest of a newly married couple.


View of the kitchen. In the background, the breakfast bar and the entrance with the gardener.


By expanding the kitchen could be distributed on two fronts.

Minimalist kitchen

"You opt for a desaturated wooden furniture with stainless steel nails and a marble imitation bench made of high quality Neolith Calacatta model," they explain.

Gray matter

In the master bedroom, the headboard wall was painted dark gray to give it a presence.

Good support

In the bedroom, headboard and wooden tables with a black shelf to place pictures and accessories. Highlights the sheet of the Valencian illustrator Paula Bonet.

Leveraged access

A dressing area has been installed in the area that gives access to the bedroom bathroom.

Private zone

His clients wanted the bathrooms to be more intimate, more sober spaces, so they opted for a gray combination for tiling.

Suite bathroom

View of a washbasin area from the bedroom bathroom.

Seen and unseen

Thanks to glass screens, the shower can be accessed both from the bedroom bathroom and from the toilet.

Shared shower

"The interior of the shower is tiled with an imitation black slate piece and an acrylic plate also black so that, being inside, it generates a cave or sauna area feeling," they affirm from the study.

The toilet

View of the toilet area.


Furniture is desaturated wood, mirrors with integrated lighting, black steel accessories ...

Techie shelter

The couple is very fond of technology and computer games, so one of the rooms adapted to this hobby.

Second bedroom

This room is preparing to receive your first child.


This was the house before the reform, when it was the home of some students.

Living room before

The living room before the reform.

Cook before

The kitchen before the reform.

Toilet before

The courtesy toilet before the reform.

Bathroom before

The main bathroom before the reform.


The plan before and after the reform.


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