7 Things you should never have in your bedroom according to professionals

7 Things you should never have in your bedroom according to professionals

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Your bedroom should be a quiet haven of peace and rest ... At least, that's the theory. Actually, it is very easy for the sleeping space to be crowded with clothes, cosmetics, books and many other things.

So what is the secret to keeping the bedroom calm and serene? According to these experts in order, there are seven things that would never pass through the bedroom door.

1. Invoices and other documents
To create a safe haven where you can fall asleep easily, you must keep everything related to work or home management on a desk in another room. "I never have paperwork or my computer in the bedroom," says Sally Walford, author of The Clutter Monster "I need to relax and be in a quiet environment."

2. Technology
Try to make your room a screen free zone. "They emit blue light and electromagnetic fields, and they are work or play equipment, so they must stay in a work or play area," advises expert Helen Sanderson. He adds: "The only technology I have in my room is a stereo to play a nice and relaxing music. If you have the phone or tablet in the bedroom, try using it in night light mode, and put a curfew to sleep. "

3. Disorder of the bedside table
We know how easy it is for that little bedside table to be filled with glasses, hair bands ... but be ruthless and try daily to remove everything unnecessary. "I only have what I need near me to be able to disconnect from the world and sleep well," adds Walford. "An orderly room conveys tranquility."

4. Items under the bed
Demanding expert Vicky Silverthorn says that drawers and boxes under the bed are no good for her. "I sleep better knowing that there is an empty space," he explains. "So I bought a bed without storage underneath. My advice is that you only store items under the bed if it is something simple and easy to order, such as seasonal clothing or items that you only use on vacation."

5. Piles of clothes
"If you get up early, you will feel calmer if you already have your clothes and accessories chosen," says Beverly Wade, a Cluttergone expert. This means that there will be no clothes on the bed or in a chair. "Store clean clothes immediately, dirty ones in the basket and those you are going to use in a chair, if necessary, but only a few items," says Silverthorn.

6. Cosmetics and unwanted products
"In my experience, we all have our favorite makeup and the things we wear, in addition to the extras for special occasions, but the rest is just mess," says Sanderson. "Once I had a client who had a closet full of products although very tidy. I would not recommend having this in the room." Check all your products and if you haven't used something in six months, throw it away.

7. Books
Apart from one or two that you are currently reading, avoid them in the bedroom. Sanderson warns that not putting them back on the bookshelf (or giving them away) when you finish reading them will cause them to accumulate. "Do not leave lots of outstanding books that will only accumulate dust, as the air around the bed stagnates," he says.