This house welcomes paradise

This house welcomes paradise

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Bright, thanks to its huge windowsdiaphanous by absence of doors, and wide, due to its distribution on two floors, this is this house nestled in full Los Alcornocales Natural Park, in Tarifa. The tranquility that is breathed here, in addition to the stunning views of the park and the Strait of Gibraltar, make it a paradise suitable for the whole year.

A generous garden with porch welcomes inside the house. On the ground floor there is the living room, kitchen and a guest bedroom with bathroom. While on the first floor, which is accessed by a staircase, is the master bedroom, an integrated bathroom and a fabulous terrace. The interior of the house, of avant-garde lines, is characterized by its custom furniture, made to measure, and by the cosmopolitan decoration present in all rooms, in the form of carpets, lamps, curtains, mirrors, tables and chairs from Bali, India or Morocco.

The classic distribution of rooms with doors as an element separating environments, here was avoided at all costs. Quite the contrary, the integration is total. When placing dividing borders, it was decided to use work walls (at the entrance, in the master bedroom, in the kitchen ...) to which a utility (storage of clothes, utensils or bottle rack) is also granted. Or the furniture itself limits an area on the other, as is the case with the large U-shaped sofa that presides over the living room and subtly separates it from the dining area.

But, without a doubt, they are the porch, with the lush garden in the background, the pool and the terrace of the master bedroom, with its splendid views, which revalue this house and make it the best destination for a long family holiday.

Information about renting this house in Tarifa House. Telephone: 954 421 187.

Advertising - Keep reading under Porch with garden

A white-painted wooden pergola shelters a table with chairs where you can enjoy pleasant evenings. The garden lawn allows you to lie in the shade to read or rest. Table and chairs, Verdecora. Striped cushions from Berberia rest on the mat. Under the tree, lanterns bought in Morocco.

Receiver in two heights

A square space welcomes the interior of the house, which is intuited wide and bright. On one side is the living room and on the other, three steps lead to the dining room. White lacquered wooden cabinet with glass frames, from Mala Mujer Living Tarifa. Wicker basket with flowers, turquoise lamp stand and knotted carpets, from Berberia.

A warm lounge

The living area is chaired by the fireplace. A large U-shaped sofa was set in front of it, and in the center a low table formed by wooden boards painted white on metal legs. Sofa and coffee table made to order. Lanterns and mirror, Beldeco. Fuchsia shawl, from Berberia. Orange brass lamp, Black Expression.

Living room with fireplace

The exempt fireplace is a decorative icon around which the distribution of the living area revolves.

Contrast lounge and dining room

To break the homogeneity of the raw and white tones that prevail in the living room, colored elements such as carpet or cushions were arranged. Cushions in fuchsia smooth and with stars, from Zara Home. The raw and linen ones are from Gastón and Daniela. Carpet, basket and two-color shawl, from Berberia.

Decorative details on the coffee table

Vases, from Habitat. Painted metal horse, Black Expression.

Exotic dining room

At a higher level the simple dining room was placed, consisting of a wooden table and four chairs made by hand with fiber skirt. An original ceiling lamp of trimmings fits perfectly with the oriental air of this area. Table and chairs purchased in Bali. White ceiling lamp with ribbons and beads, by Deco Tarifa. Colored bowls and bottles, from Berberia.

Kitchen integrated to the dining room

A work wall separates the dining room from the kitchen. On one wall the appliances were arranged and a cupboard with glass doors. The work area has large drawers without handles. Kitchen furniture by Santos. Cloth, from Zara Home. Griffin, from Frecan. Lamp acquired in Morocco. Red Thermos, Black Expression. Carpet, from Berberia.

Cosmopolitan style bedroom

Located on the top floor, the master bedroom was decorated with furniture and accessories from distant lands. A large window and the large terrace are an added bonus. Bed linen and gray blanket, from Zara Home. Cushions and shawl lilac, from Berberia. Silk tapestry and gauze curtains, purchased on a trip through India. Bedside table, from Beldeco. White poufs, from the Mala Mujer Living Tarifa store.

Visual continuity

The large windows claim light, almost transparent curtains that allow you to admire and enjoy the landscape.

Bedroom with bathroom

A work wall became a separating element between the bedroom and the bathroom. In addition, its structure was used as a support for a dresser. On the wall, set of vases and tray, Beldeco. Knot carpet, from Berberia. Ceiling lamps, in the form of tears, from Bali.

Rest zone

In front of the bed a bench with cushions was placed that allows you to relax, read or enjoy the magnificent view offered by the large windows.

Blank bathroom

In the bathroom, a wooden chair serves as support when dressing. Black and nacre wood bench, by Explora. Shawl from Berberia. Cushions brought from India. White painted chair, from Beldeco. Cushion, shawl and slippers, from Zara Home. Coat rack, from Beldeco. Basket, from Berberia.

Bathroom in two parts

The bathroom is divided; The washbasins, located in the dressing area, rest on a piece of furniture with storage space. The toilets and the shower are hidden behind a sliding glass door. Marble basins and straw baskets, from Meridiana. Mirrors, by Explora.


Curtains or panels?
- If you have a large window, install two or more Japanese panels that you can open or close independently.
- In case you prefer curtains, keep in mind that, in addition to color and design, the fall is very important. Choose resistant, vaporous fabrics that do not fade with light and do not deform with washes, such as linen, moire and gauze.
- To be up to date, let the curtains drag a few centimeters across the floor; In addition to being elegant, this fashion isolates the windows from the air currents. As a clamping system, a simple bar will suffice.