A bright bedroom for two brothers

A bright bedroom for two brothers

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Recover furniture and objects from your childhood for your children; like this roll of wallpaper, by Designers Guild, which was left over when decorating Bibiana's playroom, the mother of the little ones. It is as current today as it was years ago.

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In a corner the bunk was placed, with lower storage drawers. The two brothers who occupy it, with very similar ages, keep toys and books on shelves on the wall painted blue and white. Next to the beds, the
Door gives access to the bathroom. Litera, from Alejandra's Site. Bedding, Deco & Living. Shelves, by Design Torget.

Armchair to read

A comfortable armchair encourages you to sit and read in front of the large closet closet. And for the moments of the game, which must also be there, a large carpet covers part of the floor.

Trunk to store toys

The wall of the study area was painted white to avoid falling into distraction. It was only decorated with a large world map to facilitate maximum concentration for the boys. But when the time comes for the game, they have the entire central area to fully devote themselves to it. A trunk stores toys at the end of the day. Scooter, Paper Moon
(€ 79.90). Bank Stuva, from Ikea (€ 49).

Study zone

On the opposite side of the bunk and near the window the study area was arranged. It is formed by a chair and a table placed facing the wall, to avoid clipping, where to sit down to do daily tasks. Mesa by Ikea. Vinçon chair. Helmet, boxes, dinosaur cushion and pirate hat; Everything from Paper Moon.

Guitar Cushion

The two brothers are passionate about music; Therefore, the decoration could not miss allusions about it, such as the fun guitar-shaped cushions on the bed and the armchair,
of Luna de Papel (€ 29.95 / 2 guitars plus microphone).

Bedside stools

Bedside stools are very useful for children to put their cups or glasses or books. Accompanied with a night lamp will help your reading before bedtime.

A useful and decorative world

In addition to the utility for the study of geography, this world map helps as a decorative touch in the room. National Geographic political map (€ 11.61).

Room plan

When the brothers take a few years it is good to share a room with study area, rest and games.


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