Primark launches a new (and even more adorable) Chip cup

Primark launches a new (and even more adorable) Chip cup

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A year ago, Primark got everyone to go crazy. We saw kilometer queues outside their stores waiting for the closure to rise, racing through its corridors and people racking their shelves in a matter of seconds. What were they looking for? Chip's cup, one of the most endearing characters of Beauty and the Beast. Although Primark repeatedly replenished the stocks of the cup and we met several versions of other stores that could replace this, many were those who were left with a broken heart for not being able to take it home.

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Something exciting is on its way… Get ready to expand your #PrimarkXDisney collection 💖

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Well, dry your tears because we're in luck: Primark brings the Chip cup back to its stores and, this time, in an even more adorable version. Chip now appears in one of the scenes most remembered by fans of Beauty and the Beast, when it bubbles with a tea that Bella is about to drink. The Irish store has confirmed that it will arrive in Spain, although the exact date is not yet known. Are you ready to get one of them?