A bedroom in green and strawberry

A bedroom in green and strawberry

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The Bedrooms decorated in bright colors are more welcoming and warm than whites. However, its use requires certain standards. The green invites to rest, but try that the painting includes black notes to clarify its intensity and achieve a more elegant effect. Reservation the intense tones - cold and fuchsia - for the complements. Dare to combine them with the orange, a latest fashion bet. Use neutral tones to balance the environment. Paint the ceiling white and opt for wood furniture in natural finish or alternate lacquered fronts in light tones.

Advertising - Keep reading below Want to get a bedroom with character?

Bet on the mix of styles. The rooms coordinated to the last detail end up getting tired with time. Opt, better, for a suggestive merger. Here, the team of decorators of Casagrande opted for an original wrought iron headboard decorated with flowers, designed by José Antonio Gómez Bornes. Its lines, naive and feminine, put a funny note in the serene green-painted environment. Beech bedside tables with a white lacquered front stand out for their current design, while the striped fabric adds dynamism and color. Everything in Casagrande.

Choose a matching table lamp with the headboard

If you decide on a design as striking as this, it is best to repeat it; This way you will get a harmonious ensemble feeling that you will contrast with fabrics or other accessories. Lamp in Casagrande.

Hide the curtain rod with a bandó

A cheaper system than wooden galleries is to place an aluminum rail on the wall and attach a band with Velcro to it. So you will easily remove it to wash. Making curtain and bandó in Casagrande.

The screens

in light tones they facilitate the passage of light. If you like to read in bed, bet on them. From Ikea.

Get a very natural effect

with accessories in the same color range but in more muted tones. You can get a similar feeling with vaporous fabrics, such as chiffon or silk. Silk cushions in Usera Usera.

Do not mix patterned fabrics or they will overlap and lose their decorative effect.

Cover them with plain bedding. Fabrics: plaid and plain in Lienzo de los Gazules; striped at KA International.

The green tones are perfect for bedrooms, as they are very relaxing.

A color palette that always works is green on the wall, strawberry for textiles, and the range of whites in furniture and accessories. Green painting B190 Esencia Tropical, by Valentine.


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