Primark turns Aladdin's genie lamp into a teapot

Primark turns Aladdin's genie lamp into a teapot

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You will not have to go through the desert or go into the Cave of Wonders to get this lamp, just go to a Primark store (although seeing the madness that happened with Chip's cup and what is expected with its new version, we do not know which is more dangerous). The Irish giant has just fulfilled our wishes with its new decoration line in which, in addition to turning the lamp into a teapot and a piggy bank, the genie has taken the form of a cup and cushion and, to finish creating your little Agrabah, You can cover your bed with a duvet cover and circular cushions with Arabic motifs. We just miss the flying carpet ...


Advertising - Keep reading below Our wishes come true

Aladdin's genie lamp, one of Disney's most desired items, can now be ours thanks to Primark.

Rub well

Primark has turned the genie lamp into a golden teapot that can be yours for € 12.

If you go to Arabia, you go

The new Aladdín decoration line has a duvet cover (€ 20), a blanket (€ 8), a circular cushion (€ 8), a circular towel (€ 15), tea towels (€ 6) and a frame photo with the face of the genius (€ 5).

There is no genius so cool

The genius also appears in a cushion (€ 8) and in a cup (€ 7).

My master and my lord, what can I do for you?

The teapot (€ 12) is accompanied by a piggy bank with genie included (€ 10).