A bohemian and feminine attic

A bohemian and feminine attic

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Although its aesthetics takes us to the narrow and charming streets of Paris, this Cozy attic under cover is located in the center of the capital. When their owners acquired it, they undertook a reform to adapt it to their uses and tastes.

His initial intention was to integrate a small existing loft, but they were pleasantly surprised to discover that, in fact, the attic It was a loft with sloping ceilings, some with double height and lucid wooden beams. All the ground was coated with oak parquet, except for the area that frames the chill out of the room, where the hydraulic tiles were respected. This hydraulic lining, which was recovered at the beginning of the works, together with the wooden beams of the ceiling, its double height and the brick wall, give the area of ​​being that charming rustic and bohemian air that is present throughout the project . The plant is distributed in a living room, a kitchen with office, a bedroom and a bathroom.

In the latter, the slate coating in green He becomes the protagonist without overwhelming the space thanks to the generous natural light he receives. All rooms share certain style resources that give that feeling of unity and balance to the whole house. Decorative details, bright colors and original furniture project environments with their own style in small spaces with the goal of recreating the vibrant trends of the 70s and 80s. A trip to the past with a happy ending.

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The furniture chosen to decorate the room loses its independence to occupy an irreplaceable place in the final set. Every detail counts: the plaque with the name of a street, the poster of Paris, the cuckoo clock ... They are pieces of art dressed in everyday life. Red wing chair, similar in Maisons du Monde. The coffee table is an old trillo with a glass envelope.

Improvised chill out

In the area where the roof loses height, difficult to use, a casual chill out space has been created, with cushions and mattresses piled on the floor. This corner is oriented towards the small living room where the exposed wooden beams fill the space with charm and confer that aspect of a house in the countryside. Cushions, similar in Zara Home.

The kitchen was furnished in red

The vintage style that characterizes this whole house fades into the kitchen, decorated with striking furniture finished in red gloss lacquer. The steel notes and the blank countertop finish the project, designed by the owner to take advantage of the space. Abstrakt model furniture, from Ikea. Appliances, from Bosch.

Chromatic duo in the kitchen

To match the floor tiles, the office corner was decorated in black and white with a marble table with an iron foot and two chairs of the current line. The access door is a lacquered folding design with three portholes. Chairs, similar in El Corte Inglés. Lamp of the Goose.

The bedroom

When space is reduced, it becomes necessary to think of ingenious solutions that decorate themselves without saturating. The bedside tables give way to stools of small dimensions that serve as support to leave the reading book. Several cushions, combined in textures and colors, decorate the headboard. Cushions, from Zara Home and Ikea. Design stool used as a bedside table; similar, in BoConcept.

A vintage and chic bedroom

Its decoration proposes to recover old furniture and accessories that share space with other current pieces or that are transformed with suggestive details. In this case, the doors of an old inherited closet have been dressed in striped silk, brought from a trip to India.

Striped painted wall

The wall painted with wide vertical stripes in two shades of soft blue, a teardrop-shaped lantern, an old enea chair and the vaporous curtains collected in the center are the details that qualify the decoration, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that evokes cultures And memories.

Bathroom coordinated with the colors of the bedroom

The bathroom decoration maintains the color patterns of the master bedroom: neutral and pink. Simplicity in its design prevails and it is the accessories that put a personal note. In this image you can see the border of edges that finishes the slate coating. Sanitaryware, from Peña Tiles. The faucet is from Roca.

Washbasin area

The storage in the bathroom has been solved with an open work furniture, finished with the same greenish slate that covers the water and soil areas. To organize boats and accessories, a collection of fiber and wicker baskets have been placed under the sink. Baskets, by Ikea and Sandra Marques.