The bulgur and everything it can do for you

The bulgur and everything it can do for you

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Bulgur is a cereal made with wheat or spelled. It has really good nutritional properties and benefits, so it is worth (and much) everything it can do for you.

It is rich in quality carbohydrates and is also low in fat. It is one of the most consumed in the Middle East, Africa and one of the protagonists in vegetarian diets.

In addition, its form of preparation, simple and fast, makes it even more special.

How to prepare it?
Stride out in a big way doing it in the Eastern way. When the bulgur granites dry after cooking, put them on a grill. They split and acquire a wonderful texture to combine with vegetables and spices and make it even more palatable.

That contribute?
Easy digestions, low in fat, useful to control cholesterol ... It is a cereal rich in starch and carbohydrates of high biological value, so it is also perfect for athletes.

And in salads?
Point: next to a rich mixture of feta cheese, olives and tomatoes, you will suck your fingers!