Keys to dress the walls in style

Keys to dress the walls in style

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- Choose the fabric or paper well: Choose models that can be easily mounted. Small prints are sometimes very complicated to assemble, it is easy to not match and the result will not be as expected.

- If you choose cloth, harden it. Before mounting it on the wall, it is necessary to harden the fabric. This way it will be much easier to assemble. Use tissue hardener products or make them yourself. One of the simplest homemade recipes is the mixture of vinyl glue, powdered chalk and water.
- Measure and cut the bands. It will be easier for you to carry out the upholstery if you previously measure the wall and cut the fabric or paper of the same height. Remember that you must add a few more centimeters to the pieces you cut. It is preferable that on some cloth or paper.

- Place it on the wall: First you must impregnate the wall with a wallpaper glue. Place the cloth or paper band on top and flatten from the center to the edges, eliminating air bubbles. There are adhesive papers that prevent you from putting the glue on the wall. Assemble one by one, trying to match the designs perfectly.

- Last auctions. Helping you with a cutter and once the cloth is completely dry or the paper attached, cut the leftovers carefully. Your environment will have been like new.

Advertising - Continue reading below Renewed environments

Changing the personality of a stay is as easy as renewing the look of the walls and the options offered by wallpapers or patterned fabrics are multiple. Study the color and motifs that best match your furniture and create a harmony like this. House Doctor proposal.

Change of look on your walls

Never giving your walls a different touch was so easy and fun. Upholstering a wall With fabrics or wallpapers, they not only help you change the color range, but also favor the creation of textures that add personality to any room. In the picture, rolls of Littlephant cloth.

Surf all year

In very light tones and with a mix of motifs beach & surf, to evoke from the walls the best moments of summer throughout the year. Palm trees, birds and optimistic and cheerful phrases in English distill good vibes and lots of charm. Painted paper Surf, from the collection Room Seven Field of Flowers, of the signature Coordonné.

Letters on the walls

This patterned paper with the name of emblematic cities and neighborhoods will create a perfect urban atmosphere for industrial-style environments or lofts diaphanous in the purest New York style. Its design has so much personality that its presence is enough to give character to a corner with a minimalist decoration. If the room is small, wallpaper only one wall, since the gray background and the proliferation of letters could overload the space.

Model paper Manhattan, from the collection Life, from the Caselio firm (€ 36.55 / roll). //

Painted paper

The most used when decorating a home are the wallpapers. They are beautiful, colorful, create shapes and textures on the walls and you can highlight an environment or important area of ​​home with them.

Another virtue they have is that you can change and install them easily.

The zoo on the walls

Wild and exotic animals give color, movement and life to this wall. How many rhinos will he be able to count? This fun paper decorates like others, but instead of using glue to place it, it is applied directly to the wall because it has adhesive on the back. Your advantage: the placement process is easy and clean. But it is also repositionable, you can remove it and put it back as many times as you want, without damaging the walls. Paper A Thousand Animals, a Javirroyo design for the Chispum firm.

Subtle Patterned

A print that conveys serenity. In the picture, model wallpaper Caselio, from Leroy Merlin.

Country Environments

Ideal for spring or summer, it fills the environment with flowers. Leroy Merlin flower wallpaper.

A very animal role

Butterflies, birds ... Animals also climb whole when decorating the walls. Wallpaper pattern Birds, from Leroy Merlin.

A feminine touch

To create cozy and feminine plus environments choose floral details and colors from the pink or mauve range. Leroy Merlin flower wallpaper.