A small house decorated in white

A small house decorated in white

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Our reader, Consuelo, lives in Rome and there she has her little shelter, a small house decorated by her and her partner with great care and effort, based on reclaimed furniture and many unique pieces, restored by themselves.

This house is an example of how in a small space it is possible to have all the details. The success is the use and abuse of the white color to grant spaciousness and luminosity to the environments.

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The living room has a small fireplace in a corner. The TV is installed on the wall and our reading, Consuelo, has chosen a sofa with lounge chair to rest. Instead of a coffee table, given the small size of the living room, a trunk serves as support.

On the main wall an elongated mirror visually multiplies the space.

In detail

With proper lighting the space is very cozy. Consuelo has taken care of all the decorative details so that the stay is very personal.

Over the fireplace

The mouthpiece of the corner fireplace makes the space profitable. Although the room is small, its owners have not given up having a fireplace with this solution. On it, some decorative objects.

Elements that delimit

In order not to over compartmentalize the space but create zones, Consuelo has opted for elements that divide the environments but keep them communicated at the same time.

Behind the sofa, for example, an open bookcase that marks the passage area. Beside a comfortable low at the entrance to the house.

The predominance of white is a success.

Mirror detail

Detail of the mirror with silver carved molding, which decorates the living room wall.

The dinner room

In a corner with a round table and chairs, in neutral tone and classic style. A lamp sets the evening.

The oasis: the terrace

A respite to enjoy the sunny days. The terrace is perfect to enjoy breakfast and outdoor meals.

The bedroom

Blank, with gray and silver notes and romantic inspiration.

Classic line furniture

Consuelo has chosen classic bedside tables for the bedroom, coordinated with the structure of the bed, although it is low, which expands the space.

In full detail

Although the bed has a headboard, a strip has been created on the wall that decorates the wall. On both sides, the wall sconces.


Light, white and accessories give an ethereal air to the bedroom. Consuelo shows us this decorative detail of the wall.

With charm

A cage, a flower and feathers. This set is delicate. These types of compositions decorate the corners of this reader's house.