Smart and chic storage

Smart and chic storage

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It doesn't matter if you have a large or small bathroom, With these storage ideas you will keep order at bay and at the same time give it a touch of good taste!

In shelves

The easiest way to store your things and keep them always in sight. Now you just have to choose where you will put them ...

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A staircase full of light!

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The detail of the black forge is beautiful.

In a big way, some shelves XXL.

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In the shower, ideal to take advantage of the corner!

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Double storage and wood!

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Above the toilet

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We never thought about it, but at the top of the toilet there is usually a lot of free space.

With several shelves, and even a pot!

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Rustic style

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Wicker baskets are a must!

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If you can, put a closet like this and all your products will be protected.

Taking advantage of the bathtub

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Another area where we don't usually look is around the bathtub, but that's over!

If you organize well, you can save everything you want and add a little decoration.

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Pure luxury for a bathtub worthy of a celebritiy.

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A bright bathroom and chic With a ground that creates trend.

Products in order

If you love him packaging of your products and you want to show them off, take note!

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A cart with baskets is ideal to have all your things at hand.

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And a marble tray is the glamor of glamor!