These flowers and plants work as true antidepressants

These flowers and plants work as true antidepressants

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Taking care of yourself is the most important thing during difficult times in life, but it will surprise you how the environment can play an important role when it comes to mood, especially when it comes to plants and flowers. Here are just a few types of plants and flowers that help reduce stress and perhaps even foster feelings of happiness.

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The masses of flowers of rich tones have always encouraged us, but the gentle aroma of the geranium plant (which is similar to that of roses) has been proven to help peace of mind.

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English ivy

You can breathe easier around this simple plant, the English ivy, classified as one of the plants that most naturally clean the air.

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Like ivy, this plant is excellent in air filtration, eliminates up to 1,863 toxins per hour. Something that can definitely help bring peace of mind.

Photo: Sian Irvine

Lilies of the Valley

Gardening expert David Domoney set out to do an informal study in three months to discover which plants inspired feelings of positivity. Respondents overwhelmingly favored the Lily of the valley as a plant that brings happiness, especially because they associated the aromatic flowers with very dear memories.

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The scent of lavender relieves feelings of anxiety. You could light a scented candle, but the natural fragrance of fresh lavender perfumes the air permanently for a more constant effect.

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And we don't talk about smelling the roses, it's about seeing the roses. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that office workers looking at roses felt more relaxed and comfortable.

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Lilies of Peace

Do you spend a lot of time in indoor spaces? Take advantage of this elegant plant. The lilies of peace remove mold from the air, acting as an organic purifier.

Photo: Sian Irvine


Funny and almost sculptural, orchids are one of life's most accessible luxuries. They also bloom throughout the year, giving a touch of color that improves mood during the darkest days of winter. Perhaps this is why Feng Shui practitioners use orchids to increase positive energy in a room.

Photo: Wiebke Cravaack / EyeEm


Historically, rosemary has symbolized many things, from memories to inner peace. We suspect that the connection is made through the lovely aroma of needles, which reminds us of sunny days.

Photos: Laurie Black

Sweet or sweet peas

These magnificent flowers also rated high in the Domoney survey for a reason similar to the Lilies of the valley. Respondents stated that seeing Sweet Peas triggers happy childhood memories.

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This culinary herb improves mood (as well as improves a recipe). The positive effects come from linalool, a compound found in the plant that brings the delicious aroma of the plant.

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