Keys to keep your cosmetics in order in the bathroom

Keys to keep your cosmetics in order in the bathroom

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Review the list and see if you have well-organized cosmetics or can apply some of these ideas.

- Transparent methacrylate boxes to organize small items. The good thing is that they let you see the inside content.

- Trays with handle. They are very useful for creating a double height in a drawer. In addition, you can take the tray and take it, for example, with manicure accessories.

- Boxes or baskets inside drawers or cabinets. They are practical in furniture with doors because they allow you to access the bottom with comfort without having to take out one by one each boat.

- Dryer, tongs, iron ... better grouped in cloth covers so that the cables are not tied. Many models incorporate thermal covers. Keep them on hand in a basket or, if you don't have covers, in a textile container that does not scratch the surface of the devices.

- Combs and brushes in glasses, but make sure the base weighs so they don't tip over.

- The toiletry bags are always allies to store the makeup and these in turn in a drawer.

- The interior of some drawers have dividing panels that adapt to your needs.

- For tall boats, better drawers or drawers, which have a greater height.

- Colonies and small boats, so that they are standing, in shelves. You can leave the most beautiful ones, grouped in a tray.

- Cutting accessories, better in a box with a lid (blades, tweezers, scissors ...)

- And for the kids, it is practical to get to your toothbrush, comb and cologne. Place them at your height in baskets on a hanger on the wall, in a drawer or on small shelves on the wall, as in this case.

And as we walk among beauty products, I recommend some summer basics to which you will have to make room in your drawer:

- 100% organic nail polish. To wear a perfect manicure and trendy colors. These enamels are from Handmade Beauty and are sold at Nedokoro.com

- A scrub to prepare the skin for the sun. JC Apotecari has exclusive Tata Harper body treatments. East Redefining Body Balm It erases and prevents stretch marks and is special for pregnant women since it is 100% natural.

- Body oil with pure Monoï de Tahiti in golden pearls. It hydrates the skin in a season in which it suffers from the action of sea water and the pool and sun. In addition, it is a tan enhancer. It's from Hei Poa.