Season change: Clean and store carpets

Season change: Clean and store carpets

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Thorough carpet cleaning is necessary, at least once a year. So if you plan to keep it in spring, it is a great opportunity to do it now, so that it is kept in perfect condition until you put it back in the fall. Of course, You can always take it to professionals to clean it, many of which can keep it for months until you need it.

It is always advised to check the resistance of the colors at high temperatures in a little visible part of the carpet and use the steam level to a minimum. Before steam cleaning, it is very important to first vacuum hairs and dust. Then, activate the steam with the suction function simultaneously. More information here www.polti.com

Large rugs are kept rolled up, never bent Folding it can cause wrinkles or permanent marks on the carpet. The trick to roll it well is to use an old sheet as well. Spread the sheet on the floor and spread the carpet over it. For large carpets, you will probably need two sheets. The carpet should be in the center of the sheet and let about 30 cm of sheet over the entire perimeter of the carpet. Then, make a roll with the carpet and the sheet. The sheet over it, fold it inwards. The sheet above and below knotted with thin rope as if it were a candy wrapper. Finally, fasten the roll by attaching ropes or using packing tape; you will need three, up, down and in the center, if it is a large carpet. If you want to further isolate it from dust and moisture, store it in a plastic or cloth bag. Whenever you can, keep the carpet horizontally, without placing anything on top of it. Optional, before rolling it, you can distribute some mothballs and some bay leaves on the surface of the carpet.


- To dust, vacuum regularly. Whenever possible, on both sides.
- To eliminate bad odors, including tobacco and pets, The following trick works: sprinkle baking soda over the entire carpet and then vacuum.
- If there are pets at home, Use this trick to remove hairs. Create a homemade hair remover, like those of clothing, but in maxi version, with an empty bottle covered with tape to seal. It will be an effective roller to remove hairs. If you prefer a brush, look here www.tiendanimal.es
- If the furniture legs have sunk the hair of the carpet ... The infallible trick to recover its shape is to place an ice cube in that sunken area for a few minutes.
- If the carpet is in an area of ​​much passage, it is recommended to rotate the carpet 2-3 times a year, so that carpet wear is similar. The rotation would be 180 degrees, the part that was on the right, would be on the left and vice versa.

- Whenever you talk about carpets and stains the most important thing is to be clear that we must act quickly to prevent the stain from drying out.
- Solid and liquid stains: The way of acting is different, depending on whether the stain is solid or liquid. If it is a solid stain, it must be removed by picking up what has been dropped with the help of a spoon or scraping the stained surface. If it is a liquid stain, use absorbent paper. Forbidden, scrub the substance that has fallen, because the stain is spread. How to clean the rest of the stain? You have to start from the edge of the stain and continue inwards. If you have to use water to clean the stain, it should be dried well. A trick so that the drying is perfect and the excess water disappears: place a towel under the stained area. The most common stains are removed with a brush in vinegar water or in water with a little ammonia.
- Grease stains, such as oil, butter, cream, honey, pen ink ... Dry clean, apply neutral carpet detergent with a sponge and dry with clean paper towels or clean white cloth.
- Stains of coffee, milk, tea, cocoa, chocolate, ice cream, wines, spirits, soft drinks, blood ... Absorb with paper towels or vacuum. Apply a solution of neutral detergent, mild vinegar and warm water with a sponge and rinse with a clean white cloth and dry with absorbent paper.
- Stains of sauces, eggs, fruit juices, vomiting ... Remove debris from the stain with warm water and a clean white cloth. Apply with a neutral detergent sponge dissolved in warm water and drain with a white cloth and dry with paper.
- Mud. Once dry, brush and vacuum. Then, apply a solution of tiba water with ammonia (three parts of water and one of ammonia) with a sponge and rinse with warm water and a clean white cloth and let dry.


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