Cleaning and disinfection of mattresses

Cleaning and disinfection of mattresses

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With these tricks, you will not only take care of your health thanks to the cleaning and disinfection of your mattress, but you will save money by avoiding the purchase of a new one long before the end of the useful life of the one you currently have.

Experts recommend change them every 10 years. Of course, it depends on its quality and its condition but, knowing this, is yours still fit?

To avoid allergy problems by dust mites or dust, it is best to use it thoroughly in a disinfection and cleaning to restore your natural state to your mattress.

For it, write down this home remedy:

- A glass with 250 grams of baking soda

- A boat with a plastic lid

- Essential oils (to your liking. With them you will return their original aroma)

- A strainer

Step by Step

Remove the sheets and clean in a place where the sun shines. With the baking soda we will deodorize the mattress and eliminate the bacteria. To apply it, put it in the plastic container with a lid, add about five drops of your favorite essential oil and remove. With a sieve or strainer, spread the mixture on the mattress, letting it work for about an hour. Finally, vacuum the surface of the mattress to remove all the dirt that has adhered to the bicarbonate.

A simple and fast trick with which you will extend the life of your mattress. Ready?