Tricks to clean the walls

Tricks to clean the walls

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The market offers numerous products to clean the tiles and effectively eliminate accumulated fat, but there are also solutions and home remedies of simple and fast application whose result is equally effective and also at a lower cost.
One of them is to reuse the water in which we have previously cooked potatoes: going through the tiles a cloth soaked in this still hot water (being careful not to burn ourselves) is a natural infallible alternative to degrease, clean and shine them.
Another home remedy is to clean the tiles with a piece of newspaper soaked in water and vinegar (pour half a glass into a container). You can use white vinegar (sold as a cleaning product), but if not available From it, we can opt for wine vinegar. Finally, with a cloth dampened with water, we remove the possible remnants of vinegar.
Instead of vinegar, we can use ammonia; The results will also be effective. But being a corrosive product, it is advisable to wear gloves and ventilate the place well.
Finally, to make them shine, we spray glass cleaner spray on the tiles. They will look like new!
* To clean the joints and corners of the tiles, a good trick is to use a toothbrush soaked in water and bleach.

Some wallpapers are washable and some are not. For him not washable, it is advisable to use a special cleaner for this type of surfaces.
In washable papers, a good method to clean the stains is to mix in a bowl warm water, a little mild detergent and a stream of vinegar. We wet a sponge in the water and pass it through the stains, being careful to rinse it continuously so that it is clean at all times. If the stained paper is white or has a light colored background, it is best to use a little baking soda instead of vinegar.
In case they are grease stainsFirst, to prevent them from spreading, we will put talcum powder around the stain. Then a paste composed of benzine and talcum powder should be applied. We will let it act for a few hours and once it has dried, we will remove the solution with a fine brush.
For pen or marker stains, we will use 90º alcohol. Those of coffee will be rubbing a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide and water.
Furniture stains, shoe rubs or fingers are easily removed with a pencil eraser.
* We must take special care with some types of paper such as velvety or imitation fabric or metal, since if we rub more than the account we can erase the decorative finish of the paper in the stained area.

In the case of vinyl paper, the stains are easier to remove, since it has a vinyl film that covers the paper and protects it from moisture. Therefore, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
We will use a cloth or cloth moistened with water and a little detergent and we will rub from top to bottom to avoid the formation of dripping marks. In the event that the paper is a color or has drawings, and in order to avoid losing color or vividness, it is recommended to dilute the detergent a bit.

Before cleaning these types of walls, the first thing we should do is remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner or duster. Then, with a sponge soaked in warm water and liquid soap, we will clean the wall in vertical strips approximately 1 meter wide. Once we have finished with the soap, rinse with pure water and move on to the next cloth. We must pay special attention not to use a cloth that can fade or give off fluff that makes the wall dirty.