Season 3 of Stranger Thing is here and we propose a total immersion trip

Season 3 of Stranger Thing is here and we propose a total immersion trip

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The long-awaited season 3 of Stranger Things is now available on Netflix and we recognize it, we were looking forward to it. The adventures of this group of teenagers living in the 80's (and in alternative worlds) caught us from chapter 1 of the first season.

And of course we are not the only ones, the series in just two seasons (the third premieres on July 4) has managed to form true hordes of followers and fans.

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Scoops Ahoy

We started the total immersion tour in the series with a visit to the new ice cream shop that has opened the Baskin-Robbins ice cream franchise. Actually it will be open only this summer and perfectly recreates Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream shop where in this third season we discovered working the beautiful Steve Harrington. Of course, it is not in Georgia like the other locations in the series. The ice cream shop is in Burbank, California.

Of course, all Baskin-Robbins franchises in the US will offer special ice cream inspired by the series, such as the combination of ice cream and frozen lemonade known as Elevenade.


Our next stop: Hawkins Middle School

(109 S. Lee St, Stockbridge, GA 30281)

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In the first two seasons, this is where Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike go to school, and through the halls we have seen them run in disguise or planning the salvation of humanity.

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Bradley's Big Guy

(506 Center St, Palmetto, GA 30268)

ADEVENTURER LOCAL Courtesy Local Adventurer

(Spoiler alert!) This is the store where Once (Eleven, if you see it in the original version) goes and steals a handful of frozen Eggo waffles.

Hawk theater

(2 Oak St, Jackson, GA 30233)

Some of the most intense moments were shot at the Hawk Theater, such as when Nancy discovers the cruel things that had been written about her on the first season's poster.

The Adventures of Blogger Mike Courtesy The Adventures of Blogger Mike

But the Hawk Theater is actually a tavern, Bradley's Olde Tavern and although it doesn't look much like the theater in the series, it's a great place to taste the classic fried cheesecake, and if you ever find out about some gossip about the days of filming.

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