Pots and pans ... To the point!

Pots and pans ... To the point!

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To keep our kitchen battery in perfect condition and prolong its life it is necessary to know some tips. Each material requires some care. It is important that pans and casseroles, where we cook daily, are in good condition.

Kitchen battery in stainless steel, Darna brand

In general, pots and pans should be allowed to cool before washing. If there are traces of food stuck, remove them with a wooden spatula and help yourself with hot water to soften it.

Cleaning pans and pots according to their material

Stainless steel pans and pots: For daily cleaning and maintenance, simply wash with hot soapy water after each use and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Teflon coated: It is a layer that prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning pans and pots easier. Always use silicone or wood accessories to avoid scratching the Teflon in the kitchen and cleaning soft sponges. Moreover, a pan with the Teflon in poor condition should go directly to the trash because it can be harmful to health.

Non-stick without Teflon: Allow to cool to room temperature before cleaning with water (shock with water can damage the material and its properties). A little water and a sponge are enough.

Kitchenware in stainless steel, from the Lira collection, by Darna

Ceramic: Once the piece has cooled, clean it with warm water and a soft sponge. Be careful with the soap you use, the aggressive ones are quite harmful for ceramic surfaces. Use as little as possible. Dry the pan completely before storing.

Cast iron: Do not leave the food resting in a cast iron pan for a long time (the metallic taste is passed to the food). Let it cool and run it under the tap with very hot water to wash it. If the food has stuck, let it soak for a while. It is rubbed with the scourer, without tightening too much so as not to wear the non-stick layer. Don't use soap, cut that layer.

Pot by Le Creuset

Titanium: Remove the food from the pan as soon as it rusts quite quickly. When you wash titanium pans and pans, dry them very well so that it does not rust. They can be cleaned with paper towels.