A 60 m2 flat with personality

A 60 m2 flat with personality

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Angelica Heras Advertising - Read on below 1 A space two environments Angelica Heras

On the wall has opened a passage that connects the kitchen and living room.

2 Good combination Angelica Heras

Raw tapestries and wooden furniture were chosen for the living room, such as matching tables. These are from Borgia Conti, like the poufs and the sofa. Curtains, by Ikea, and cushions, by Gastón and Daniela.

3 Black and white Angelica Heras

Kitchen in "L" with Bossia furniture in laminated laminate laminate in black and white ceramic tiling. Gray quartz compact countertop.

4 A removable mini dining room Angelica Heras

Next to the passport, a folding table and folding chairs, from Ikea, become a mini dining room that barely takes up space.

5 To gain space Angelica Heras

When not in use, the table folds and turns, becoming a discreet white console.

6 A comfortable bedroom Angelica Heras

A serene atmosphere in the bedroom, with a gray capitone headboard, by Borgia Conti, like the white bedside table. The skin plaid, on the way home, gives warmth.

7 With a work shower Angelica Heras

The screen insulates without closing and lets in the window light. The work shower was covered with porcelain stoneware, Roca, as was the shower tray and the screen. Quartz The faucet is from Grohe.

8 A bathroom for two Angelica Heras

Two exempt Roca Hall sinks allow the vanity area to be used by two people at the same time. The custom-made wooden furniture has three towel rails in the front and a shelf underneath. A vertical mirror of the same width has been placed on the wall above each sink, creating a set of symmetry.


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