The 6 golden rules to keep order at home

The 6 golden rules to keep order at home

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You go home, after a hard day at work, to (re) discover the clothes that you took out of the washing machine yesterday and never got to fold, those magazines that you did not take to recycle and pile up next to your bed, the screw of your coffee table that you did not squeeze and that makes it wobble as if it were in an earthquake ... and you notice how your anxiety and frustration are rising while your energy to cope with this flood of tasks decreases until disappearing. Does this situation sound to you? If the answer is yes, do not worry, because with these six rules that we are going to give you, and that you will easily integrate into your routine, you will be able to take the mess by the horns, get rid of it and (most importantly) avoid that come back

1. The 2 minute rule

In Getting Things Done, the organizational method developed by productivity consultant David Allen, the expert recommends performing, at the same time they appear, those activities that can be completed in less than two minutes. For example, the problem of the screw we were talking about before, can be solved by simply going for a screwdriver and tightening it (in less than two minutes), finishing this task and leaving your mind and your free time for others of greater importance. These simple activities, if not resolved as soon as possible, accumulate and become a much bigger problem. Do not let this happen.

2. The 5 minute rule

Do you know those tasks that you know are going to take a long time and that you leave for later because you don't want to face them now? This rule tells me to think "I'm going to get on with this for only 5 minutes." This idea, in principle harmless (5 minutes of our life in the background is nothing), will activate in your mind a mechanism that will help you continue working on this issue until it is completely resolved. Our brain refuses to leave tasks begun and unfinished and makes us think about them until we finish them. So, you know, the next time you're swirling not to order the storage room, think you're only going to get down to work for a few minutes. You will see how, before what you think, you have finished successfully.

3. The 1 by 1 rule

If your problem is the disorder due to unnecessary accumulation (it is very difficult, if not impossible, to keep a closet with three hundred shirts at bay) print this rule and paste it in every corner of your house that can become a deposit: one that enters by one that leaves. That is, the next time you want to buy a new shirt, do it thinking that another one will have to leave your closet. And this can be adapted to all the rooms of your house: the breakfast cups that cram the kitchen cupboards, the magazines that are stacked in your living room, the duvet covers that struggle to breathe in the drawer of the white clothes ...

4. The 365 day rule

You may have read the previous rule and said "ok, I will not let anything in without letting something go before, but what do I do with the heaps of things I already have?" Well, apply this rule that recommends eliminating from your life all those who have not used for more than a year. Take a large bag and x-ray your home looking for everything that has not been useful during the last 365 days and recycle, donate or throw it away. Without contemplations.

5. The rule of the 5 surfaces

The countertop and the kitchen sink, the table you eat, the bathroom shelf and the living room floor. These are the five surfaces to which the experts of the order recommend to dedicate some minutes every night to leave clean and clear before going to sleep. We would also add the coffee table in the room, a very prone place to accumulate things. Doing so will not take you more than 10 or 15 minutes and waking up and finding a clean and tidy house will mean starting your day on the right foot.

6. The one touch rule

Of all we have tried, this is the most difficult rule to integrate into our day-to-day life but, without a doubt, it is the most effective. It consists of touching only once things and not leaving them until they are in place, as if they had a glue that prevents you from releasing them until you have taken care of them. For example, you pick up the correspondence and, instead of leaving it at the entrance table, you file the important thing and recycle what doesn't matter. Nothing to leave the clothes every night in a chair and take care of it in the morning: you shake it, fold it and store it in the closet as soon as you take it off. That cup in which you just had coffee? Exactly: you wash it, dry it and store it in the closet instead of releasing it in the sink.

Would you dare to try them at home? It cost us a bit, but once you turn these rules into a routine, you do them automatically.

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