How to clean porcelain tiles

How to clean porcelain tiles

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Stoneware floors or those that are well established porcelain or ceramic floors involve a concrete cleaning process that you should know so that you do not go crazy trying to clean them so that they are like the first day with methods that are not correct.

Pass the mop and have your footprints or hands noticed or become fogged up is normal if you don't use the right thing.

If you are afraid of cleaning after installation in a renovation, always try to use a suitable end-of-work product. In this way, all the remains of cement or plaster will disappear easily and will look perfect and bright and clean.

However, be careful! These products usually contain a large number of very strong toxic chemicals and, although they are good descalers, there are other less aggressive solutions for the skin and for the finishes themselves (fasting damages steel or aluminum). Make sure before its composition and, above all, that they are specific products for porcelain finishes.

To use them, remove the idea from the head that the more you use, the cleaner they will be. Quite the opposite. The large quantities create superficial layers where all the traces remain (as if you use non-specific products). Thus, in a container of clean, warm water dilute a proportion of 1/5 of concentrated product or a small plug if it is not concentrated. Spread the mixture on the pavement or wall with a green scourer being careful not to scratch it and leave it on for a few minutes. After this, rub lightly with a soft brush and dry with absorbent paper. Rinse everything with plenty of water. You will see results instantly!